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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hi Hi!

chair - Leon's, if not found online, available in store // pink throw & pillow from HomeSense // book

I had one of those crazy dreams last night, that feel completely real and you wake up wondering what the heck just happened?!  Always such a strange feeling!

I recently started to read this month's #IndigoBookClub pick, The Woman in Cabin 10, and so far I'm really enjoying it!  Have you read it?  There was one page that I had to read 2-3 times, to ensure that I hadn't read it wrong!  Now I'm eager to find out what's going to happen.

Our reading nook sure has proven to be a great place to sit for a few quiet moments.  If you have enough space for a chair (pay attention to size) in your bedroom, including a reading nook is something I'd completely advise you to do!

Speaking of our master, I'm in the midst of planning a gallery wall to go above the dresser, opposite from the bed.  I originally placed a mirror above the dresser and two lamps on it, but have since decided that I'd rather a gallery wall.  I'm excited to search for some great prints!

Where's your favourite place to shop for art?


Taking The Scenic Route

Monday, January 16, 2017

I feel like every Monday I return with some sort of outdoor post, but alas, it is what we get up to on the weekends!

We started off last week with a snow storm, midweek the temps were above zero (say what?!) and then we ended the week with the temps returning to where they should be, just below zero (or maybe a little cooler).  Anyhow, we bundled up and got out there for a beautiful walk!

I bought this jacket last season when it was on sale.  Honestly, best decision ever!  I sometimes put it on, head outside and then come back in to get changed because it think it's warm out.  Then I realize that that's not the case and the coat is indeed that warm!  I had another North Face jacket that I wore before this one and it's great too, but this one really keeps you warm in those sub-zero temps!

I'm working on a super fun upcoming post this week, it involves lots of pink!  Any guesses?!

Have a lovely Monday!


This Week In Review

Friday, January 13, 2017

This week was an interesting one.  I somehow managed to blog more than once (!!!) though I will be the first to admit, that I don't see myself being able to keep up with 5 posts a week (my goal is three, more to come about that).  But what this week was was a lesson.  I learned that if I really focus on making good use of my time, that I can accomplish WAY more than I would have ever thought!

I started this year with a few goals, one of them being to put more effort into meals and snacks.  It's not that we eat out all of the time, we actually don't eat out all that often.  It's more because I have a few recipes that are on heavy rotation, so I wanted to mix things up a little more.  I've always been interested in cooking and have said before that I'd like to try more recipes, but never did/have.

So I went out and purchased a new skillet, I also plan on buying a food processor in the next little while (hello fresh hummus).  And well, in the last week, I've made spaghetti carbonara, guacamole, sushi and chicken fried rice all for the first time.  Oh! And we can't forget the batch of hot chocolate!  So I'm here now, patting myself on the back because I'm proud that I actually made an effort!  Of course, we'll still enjoy our favourite "regular" dishes, but I think trying a new recipe (be it a main course, snack or side dish) once a week should be an achievable goal!

Fingers crossed I can keep this up!  Do you have any favourite cookbook?  What about a food processor?  Please do share!



One Step At A Time - Sperry Saltwater Boots

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Over the holidays we really amped up our number of walks through the forest.  It came perfectly clear that I was lacking the proper footwear for these types of walks (when the snow isn't knee deep that is!).  I am not fond of overly clunky boots for the simple fact that I overheat way too easily.

Anyhow, now that you know that about me, I knew that I wanted a pair of short boots, ones that I could wear with socks over my jeans, or with ankle jeans when the temps rise a bit.  I love love love my Hunters, but sometimes I just don't feel like wearing tall boots.

I tried on a few different styles and decided to take home a pair of Sperry Saltwater boots.  What totally surprised me was how much I liked the brown on brown.  When I first saw them on the shelf I thought that there was no way that I'd like them, but I was curious as to how they fit and to my surprise, I immediately fell in love with them!

We've been out on walks since and I've worn them to pick up groceries, these boots are gems!  They do have the fleece lining on the upper portion to help keep you warm, but the rubber portion is similar to a rainboot, which is exactly what I was looking for.   They are super comfy and will be perfect come spring, when the snow begins to melt away!



First Snow Day of 2017

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Well we are on snow-day no.2!  Be careful what you ask for they say, but in this case, it's aok!  Yesterday was the first snow-day of 2017 and the kids had an absolute blast!  I was happy to have an extra day to take it easy and get caught up....though I'm still not caught up! lol

The kids spent the day outside with their friends playing a little pond hockey, or a lot, since they were pretty much out there!  But there isn't anything better than watching the snow fall (very heavily at times, hello whiteout) and being outside playing hockey.  It was something else!

I ran out of hot chocolate mix, so I attempted to make some from scratch (seen above).  It was ok, but I think it would have been better if I had some cream on hand.  Noted.  That being said, nothing that a hefty dollop of whipped cream can't fix ;)

Have a fabulous Wednesday!


Family Room Tour - After Christmas

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It's officially a snow day today and I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am about that!  I know, I know, it was only day 2 after the holiday break, but honestly, the first week back isn't ever easy!

I wanted to share some photos of our family room today!  As you know, we collaborated with Leon's to make-over this room for the holidays!  (If you missed the reveal, you can see it here!).  

It wasn't until after we took down all of the holiday decorations (ok, minus the wreath above the fireplace) that we realized that it was the first time that we'd seen this room without any holiday decor!  The tree went up soon after the furniture arrived and that was in August!

I'm so thankful for this makeover!  The room that bugged me the most is now one of my favourites and so much cozier than it was before!  I love how incredible the Klein chairs look in this space vs the leather club chairs.  The Iver entertainment unit is the perfect fit for this space!  It has enough room to store all of our stereo equipment, the sliding doors (that look like drawers, photo below) tuck toys and boardgames away neatly and it's long enough to flank the TV with my favourite lamp duo.

The Berkley coffee table has caught people's eyes over and over again on instagram.  My guess is that gorgeous base, but I'm positive that the lightwood top also is also a favourite!

Love the sliding doors that are made to look like drawers!  Great for tucking away toys & games and such!

Next up is replacing the couch.  I guess we didn't get "all leather" like we originally thought (lesson learned) and it's beginning to crack absolutely everywhere, which isn't ideal!  My dream couch is a velvet english roll arm, but part of me wonders how velvet will wear over time.  This room gets a lot of use, so I need something that will hold up!

I'm thrilled with the fact that this room houses a combo of new and old pieces.  The grouping of brass candlesticks makes a simple statement.

Enjoy your Tuesday, friends!  If the snowstorm is where you are, stay warm!



Apres Ski (or Skating)

Monday, January 9, 2017

You guys, this past weekend I dusted off my oooooooold skates and the boys and I headed to a small "pond" that had just enough ice to skate on.  It was hilarious and so much fun (but bitterly cold, I can't deny that!).  Truthfully, this was the first time that the boys have really skated.  I'm not sure why we waited so long, but it was a blast!  We laughed, and the boys stayed outside long after hubs and I made our way back into the house.  Needless to say that the kids had the most wonderful sleeps last night!

le apr├Ęs ski (or skate in this case lol)

I can't believe that the holidays are officially over.  As I sit here typing, the snow is falling ever so gently and I'm mentally preparing myself to get on with the show.

Every year I wonder, what will this year bring?  I know that I'm the one in control, but things do continue to surprise me.  I'm humbled by the incredible collaborations that I've been a part of thus far and by the friendships that have been made.  I hope to continue to bring inspiration (both fashion and decor) to the blog in 2017 but in a bigger and better way.

Some days are easier than others and some days you have way more confidence than others.  There are a slew of people who I rely on and look up to to make it through the not-so-fun days.  I think it's important to continue to grow, to continue to push yourself and to continue to do what makes you happy.  And well, that's what this year is all about!  I have SO much to learn, but I'm excited (and nervous) to do just that!

Have a lovely Monday, friends!


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