Kids' Bedroom Makeover

Friday, April 24, 2015


If you're following me over on Instagram, then you already know that I've decided to finally tackle the kids' bedrooms.   Oh yes!

I feel good about the rest of the house, the main floor is pretty much done (I'd eventually like to fix up the laundry room, but for now it's good).  I have some exciting plans for the basement space, but you'll have to wait a while to hear more about that!  So it just makes sense to give each of the kids a space that reflects their personalities.

Up first, kiddo 1!  The fabric swatches have been ordered from Tonic Living (there's a peek at a few of them in the photo above!).  I've chosen a floor plan that will maximize the space and now it's onto finalizing additional furniture and other details.  His room currently lacks storage, so that will be added and we really want to make this a cozy space where he will totally want to hang out.

I've been busy pinning inspiration photos and potential pieces that will go into his room over on the "For The Kids" board on my Pinterest page.  He absolutely loves sports, so I'd love to tie that in as well.

We don't have a huge budget to work with on this, so many of the pieces that are already in his room will stay.  I do see the addition of plaids, stripes and perhaps some iron (thinking skatepark).  He's requested to only have the colour blue, which is so him, so tone on tone will be the name of the game.

I've always loved Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware bedrooms and would love to create something equally as beautiful for our boys.  Of course, there will have to be quite a bit of creativity to create something similar since we are working with a smaller budget.

I'm looking forward to this project and of course, I will be sharing some progress shots and the before and after with you here!  Hopefully it won't take too long to get to the "after" stage!

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


On Set With HGTV Canada & Income Property!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

You guys!  This is a post that I've been so excited to share with you for some time now!  A couple of months ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to go behind the scenes of the taping of an episode of Income Property!  It was all thanks to a fantastic giveaway at BlogPodium, which I attended in September of last year.  HGTV Canada selected two lucky winners, Lisa from Fab Frugal Mama and yours truly were the lucky two!  Giddy up!

This year, the Income Property team is celebrating their 10th season and so far, the 10th season has been everything!  Did you get a chance to see their special Vacation Property episodes?  I officially want to buy a cottage and hire the Income Property team to renovate it.  Fabulous (also, I need to find out how to rent the cottages that were on the show, so good).

The day was absolutely amazing!  The team is full of talent and they work so unbelievably well together.  Their dedication to transforming spaces and capturing the transformation from beginning to end is really and truly admirable.  There are a lot of hours put in to each episode!

The crew began their set up around 9am, prepping for the Realtor reveal which happened around 10:45am and shortly after that, it was time for the Homeowners reveal!  The couple (who you will absolutely love) was so welcoming and beyond excited to see their new rental space.  Lisa and I had a chance to tour the newly renovated rental space prior to the taping of the Homeowners reveal.  Can you believe that I nearly spilled the beans by telling the Homeowners (who hadn't seen the space yet) what it looked like?!  Geesh, so something I would do.  Thankfully I caught myself and asked them if they had seen the space (to which they replied "no") before blurting out how wonderful "yadda yadda" and "this and that" were. Ha!

Now of course I won't share a full reveal of the finished space, you'll have to watch the episode for that (more info on that below), but I can share a couple of sneak peeks of the details.

The Income Property team did such an amazing job transforming the space (I am excited to see shots of the space before the renovation).  The new space is a renter's dream!  The team thought of everything, from storage, to how to maximize the space (the floor plan completely changed).  The space has character, stunning details and well, I'd move in! ha!

Having the opportunity to watch the Homeowners take everything in for the first time was something else!   Their reaction is truly unscripted and 100% genuine....goosebumps!  Ah, I loved it!  They were given the new numbers for their space around 11:45am and honestly, you won't believe what they were told!

This episode will be airing tonight at 9:30pm (with another fantastic episode airing right before it) on HGTV Canada.  So pop some popcorn and get cozy on the couch or your favourite chair because you won't want to miss it!

And of course, I just had to get a photo with the host of the show, the talented Scott McGillivray!

A huge thank you to HGTV Canada, the entire Income Property team and BlogPodium for this once in a lifetime opportunity.  I had such an amazing time!  Thank you!!


A Quiet Week and A New Book

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The last week and a half has been relatively quiet and it's honestly felt like a mini vacation of sorts.  I've had a chance to give the house a good spring cleaning, study and of course, enjoy this lovely weather with the family.

I recently picked up a copy of Windsor Smith's new book, have you had a chance to read it?  I adore Windsor's work, she creates such stunning spaces.  Her focus is not only to design beautiful rooms, but to change the way that people live in them.  I think it's safe to say that she's succeeded.

The written portion of the book is just as fantastic as the images.  I have a feeling that Homefront will be one of my go-to's for inspiration for a long time to come.

With the warmer temperatures, I'm eagerly anticipating getting to work on our gardens.  I have also completely fallen in love with the idea of owning property with stunning gardens and walkways after reading the latest issue of Veranda.  Amazing!

I hope you're all enjoying a lovely week.


Around Here Lately and an HGTV Canada Series Premier!

Friday, April 3, 2015

I can hardly believe that April is here.  Did you have a chance to catch my Easter & Spring decor post?  I shared some simple tips to decorate for your guests with the help of some delicious treats and spring florals.  You can find the post here!

For today, I'm sending you into the weekend with a quick "around here" post.

As a huge fan of HGTV Canada, I was pretty darn excited when this absolutely amazing fella arrived at my door.  Beautiful detail and hard to believe that it was made with a chainsaw by the talented Ryan Cook.

HGTV Canada is celebrating the Series Premier of Carver Kings a show that goes hand in hand with their hit series, Timber Kings.  Catch the Series Premier of Carver Kings April 5 at 10pm ET on HGTV Canada.

Now that the snow has melted I can finally rock these stunning Poppy Barley Foxhunt boots!  I've been waiting for a couple of months to take them out and you guys, they did not disappoint.  Super comfy and they go well with any outfit.

Super excited to have this vintage inspired Anewall print up on the wall!  More photos coming soon!

The self-taught piano lessons are going well, but I also love having another surface to style!

Grocery shopping trips are that much better during the spring months thanks to the lovely spring flowers!  Grocery store tulips are inexpensive and they last a good week or so!  Don't mind if I do!

And lastly, a sneak peek of something I worked on last week at the Leon's Trenton location.  Can't wait to share more!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend, friends.


Spring & Easter Decorating!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring is officially here and Easter is just around the corner.  Warmer temperatures and sunny days are within arms reach!  I'm excited to be partnering with Ferrero Rocher again and today, I'm sharing some decorating tips that you can use for your Easter holiday dinner, lunch or brunch!  Or perhaps a spring gathering with your bestest friends!

It's such a treat to host parties during the spring months because the in-season flowers are so beautiful!  Take advantage of these lovely blooms by placing them throughout your space and using them as your centrepiece.  Potted hydrangeas or crocuses are a great go-to for full centrepieces!  Buy a couple bunches of tulips (remember to stick to a colour scheme so that your rooms flow and your flowers coordinate well with your tablescape) and spread them out throughout the room.

I have no problem with starting dinner with dessert!  Place some delicious chocolate eggs at each place setting to welcome your guests to the table.  I assure you, you won't regret it and your guests will adore you for breaking the rules by going with treats first!  

This is the perfect time to break out any beautiful dishes that you have.  Mixing and matching allows you to add your own personal touch!  I absolutely love checking our local thrift shops for platters to use for occasions just like this!  And remember, you don't have to use them for what they were originally intended for.  A cake plate for example can be the perfect base for a vase!

Send each of your guests home with their very own holiday inspired gift bag!  Fill a kraft bag with some of your favourite treats and tie a pastel ribbon around the handles for a nice, spring inspired finishing touch.

Now all that's left is to sit back and enjoy the time with your fabulous guests!

Happy hosting!


*all Ferrero Rocher products were generously sent to me on behalf of Ferrero Rocher

Remember Why You Started.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A year ago, I sat at the peninsula in our kitchen and decided that I was going to go for it.  I was going to achieve my dream of becoming an Interior Decorator.   I studied, I pushed myself, I worked hard.   Then other opportunities came up (amazing ones) that made me super happy, so I thought, perhaps Interior Decorating wasn't the answer and that blogging was.  It would be the best of both worlds!  So I blogged about interior decorating, fashion, entertaining.  I loved it!  And truthfully, I still love it!

But here I am, and I've been thinking/sitting on this for a while now......the dream of being an Interior Decorator is still strong.  Every now and then it hits me really hard, but then the feeling goes away and I continue on.  This time, I just.can'  So what I'm left with, is figuring out the puzzle, I suppose.  I love blogging, I truly do, so I don't want to quit it, at all and what I know for sure is that I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for blogging!  Blogging has opened doors for me and so many opportunities have come from blogging.  But I want a little more interior decorating in my life and so my goal is to figure out the best way to combine the two, that makes me feel fulfilled.

There are a few rooms in our house that need some jazzing up.  It's time to get back on track. I'm going to get to working on them and of course, to share them with you.   But I also need a plan, otherwise, I will find myself sitting here, in the same spot in a years time, typing about the same thing.  Sometimes it really helps to put your dreams out there, then you're held somewhat accountable, right?! lol

So in a blog post, that explains the absence.  I had said earlier this year that by doing less, I will be accomplishing more.  As a blogger, you are often approached with several amazing opportunities and it can be so hard to say no.  But sometimes, saying yes, is in fact so far from the right answer.

I want to inspire you when it comes to decorating your home and I also want to inspire you when it comes to fashion.   That's what Elliven Studio is all about.  I just need to stay focused and remember why I started.

Have a lovely day, friends!


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