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Friday, October 5, 2018

Short and sweet for today!

I've got a fun post coming your way next week, be sure to check back!  Wishing all of my Canadian readers an amazing Thanksgiving weekend!  Speaking of which, I've started a fall board on Pinterest, you can find it here!


#CANVASRoomRefresh With Canadian Tire - A Living Room Makeover

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

You guys!  Today is the day!  Our #CANVASRoomRefresh is complete and our living room now has a brand new look!  First off, a huge thank you to Canadian Tire for helping us with this refresh, we are in love with the new look!

The goal for this transformation was to create a room that felt cozy, welcoming and cohesive.  I never really felt "settled" with this room.  I desperately wanted these rooms to feel a little less formal, but still craved the elegance and beauty.  Well, with the help of some key pieces from Canadian Tire's CANVAS line, we now have a room that truly reflects our style and key needs for a living room. 

So, here's how the room looked before the refresh:

And this is how it looks now!  Eep!

The first thing I wanted to do was to create a focal point.  The Marseille Fireplace was the perfect piece for that.  We moved our old chairs to the family room and replaced them with these beautiful blue Winston Chairs which have a modern silhouette.  It's incredible how much a room can change, simply by adding a few new pieces and switching around furniture placement.  This room begs for you to sit down and relax!

Storage is a pretty big deal to this family of five.  And guess what, the Marseille Fireplace has hidden storage!  I know!  The side panels pull out and feature three shelves for you to store your goodies in.  I love that it comes with a remote and that you can easily adjust the colour of the flame, the temperature and more!  Baskets placed strategically also give you room for extra storage.  I am a huge fan of natural woven baskets, they add texture to your space and are perfect for pillows, blankets and more!

Because our living room and dining room are open to one another, I wanted to ensure that the rooms were cohesive.  We gave our dining room a small update by adding these gorgeous Jax Chairs to the end of the table.  This is amazing because when we have company over, we typically bring chairs in from the kitchen, not anymore!  They once again feature a beautiful modern silhouette, but give a nod to the classic Windsor chair, which is one of my favourite styles!

New dishes with stunning texture bring a touch of glamour to the space, but I love that they can be used everyday!

The Slate Tray Table (with removable top!!) is a beautiful accent to the new chairs and is the perfect spot to display your favourite items and to set down your coffee (or wine lol).  Lighting was an issue in this room before - it wasn't well balanced, which I didn't like.  The fact that the Avery Floor Lamp has three settings means that you can easily adjust the lighting to your needs, if you're reading, sitting with friends, or enjoying a beverage by the fire.  You can also adjust the height of the lamp, which gives you complete control on how to style it!

A closer look at some of the details:

I know that was a loooong post with lots of photos, but I really do love the new look of the space!  To have it finally feel "finished" after six years is such an incredibly satisfying feeling!  I really like how the CANVAS pieces worked with our existing pieces, versatility is key!

Here is a list of the CANVAS items used for the refresh!

Now, be sure to take a look at the #CANVASRoomRefresh for incredible inspiration and you can also see the amazing transformations designed by Jillian Harris and learn more about the CANVAS Room Refresh Challenge right here!


****This post and room makeover has been sponsored by Canadian Tire.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own****

Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover

Monday, September 17, 2018

Our eldest son has requested a room refresh and I totally don't blame's been a few years since we've touched his room.  Since we originally decorated his room (holy smokes, I should revisit the photography lol), he's gotten a bigger bed, which means the bedding has changed as well.  Otherwise, not much is new....the stripes are still there, other than the bed, the furniture is the same.  To be honest, the only new piece of furniture that he "needs" would be a desk.  Something a little sturdier and something that most definitely has drawers/storage.

We ended up moving furniture and art around, and we purged to get rid of clutter.  His room has a new "feel" and so our job is done....for now lol.

As much as I would love to start from scratch, (I mean, I'm pretty smitten with how little J's room turned out) that's not happening right now, so instead, I've created a moodboard! lol

I've always loved metal bed frames, though I have to be honest, an upholstered headboard would probably be ideal for our guy because he enjoys watching movies in bed, so that would give him something cozy to lean up against....or you could just stack some pillows behind your back lol

I fall hard for pennants, I think they are such a great piece to add to walls in kids' rooms and love how they give a bit of a nod to vintage design.  So I said that he pretty much only needs a new desk, but reality is that a new (much cozier) desk chair would be amazing too.

I realize now that a low and wide dresser would have been a better option for his room.  One, it would give him more space to display items (on the top, more surface space) and two, it wouldn't break up your line of sight, which would make the room feel bigger.  Perhaps we'll swap the position of his desk and his dresser to see if that helps.

I feel that one thing we all can agree on is that kids don't particularly enjoy putting away their clothes, especially when they are dirty.  A super cool hamper that can be left where the kids can easily chuck their dirty clothes into it is a win as far as I'm concerned!  Same goes with the garbage bin, a woven basket is perfect for this, just line it with a garbage bag and you're good to go!

Are you working on your kiddo's room at the moment?


Friday Favourites

Friday, September 14, 2018

Well last week was ugly, in terms of how we felt by the time that Friday rolled around, but I'm happy to report that we are back on track and the early mornings were no match for us this week!  Whoop!

Monday was a rather chilly day, it totally felt like fall and I secretly loved it!  But the higher temps are welcomed as the kids have baseball tryouts and well, no one wants to play baseball in the cold!
Have a fantastic weekend, friends!


Art For Your Home

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

It's gotten to the point that I actually have artwork stored in a room in our basement so that I can easily swap out pieces every now and then.  Artwork is like an accessory to your space, it fills negative space on the walls and gives rooms a little dose of personality.  A simple switch up every now and then can make a room feel refreshed.

I typically lean towards florals, vintage themed or abstract pieces for our walls and of course, the colour pink tends to always get the winning vote!  I've been known to search for pieces at HomeSense, Anewall, EtsyMinted and at thrift/antique stores.

I still love the idea of a well curated gallery wall and I also tend to stack pieces, one above the other (as seen in the first image).

I'll be sharing several artwork themed posts in the future, because there are truly so many incredible pieces available.  I could share a post every day and never run out of options!

Here's today's round up:

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10

Some tips:

  • Don't hang your artwork too high!  A general rule of thumb is to place the centre of the piece at 57"-60" above the ground (approximately eye level)
  • When hanging pieces above or beside one another, space them around 2"- 4" apart (you can go up to 5"-6" if it's a long wall, I personally prefer for pieces to be closer together than further apart)
  • Artwork above a sofa is typically placed too high and needs to be proportionate to the sofa.  You can definitely hang more than one piece, but it shouldn't be any smaller than 2/3 the width of the sofa and no higher than approx 8" above the top of the sofa back
  • When creating a gallery wall, you can go with all of the same frames (or same coloured frames) for a cohesive feel, or mix all of the frames up for more of an organic look
  • Before hanging your artwork, you can use a paper template to ensure that you've selected the proper height and positioning (this is especially wise if you're hanging a gallery wall)
  • It always helps to take a step back and look at the piece on the wall, so ask a friend or family member to hold the piece of art in your chosen location, at the selected height, before installing nails
  • A fun thing about gallery walls is that you can easily swap out any framed prints if you choose a common size frame, easy peasy and something to consider
  • Don't be afraid to lean artwork against the wall, be it on the floor or on a dresser, I've always loved this option for displaying artwork!
What type of artwork do you typically gravitate towards?


Tops With Beautiful Sleeves

Monday, September 10, 2018

Flutter sleeve, bell sleeve, pleated sleeve or even puffed sleeve (hello fellow Anne of Green Gables fans! lol), I will forever fall for a top that has a great sleeve!

I'd say that the primary reason that I love these style of tops is because I'm typically pairing them with jeans.   A top similar to the one above, or one of those in the round-up below, can immediately dress up a pair of jeans and that is totally my style!  I love to be fashionable, but comfortable too, these tops allow you to achieve both!
1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/

What style of tops do you typically gravitate towards?


Friday Favourites

Friday, September 7, 2018

You guys!  We survived the first week of back to school!  That deserves a good ol' holla!

Now that baseball season is over, we are no longer travelling to and from games all weekend.  We have zero after school activities, which means life has gone from fast and furious to max relax!  We are loving it, but looking forward to the upcoming football & basketball seasons.

Links from this past week:

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!



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