Curing the Winter Blues With Pretty Spring Flowers

Monday, January 26, 2015

We're now nearing the end of January, which is typically when the winter "blahs" start to kick in.  One of my favourite ways to add a dose of sunshine to our home is by placing bunches and plantings of spring flowers in a few rooms!

If you're on Instagram, chances are that you've been seeing a slew of images of gorgeous paperwhites, crocuses, amaryllises, tulips and maybe even daffodils.  Truth be told, I can't get enough!  

This is the one time of the year that I don't hold back on splurging on flowers because they really do brighten my day!  And to be honest, I find them to be a wee bit more affordable, especially tulips!  You can find bunches for under $5!

Cut flowers are a quick and easy go-to, and as long as you buy a bunch where the flowers are still somewhat close, they should last you about a week, if not longer.   To extend the life of your flowers, be sure to change the water frequently and to cut the ends of the flowers on an angle, this allows them to drink up more water!

Another option is to go for bulbs.  You can find them pre-planted or by the package (which you will have to plant on your own) at Walmart, HomeDepot, garden centers and sometimes even your local grocery store.  Keep an eye out!  The best part, you can store your bulbs once the flowers have died off and plant them in your garden!

Do you find that spring flowers help get rid of the winter blues?  Which ones do you typically decorate with this time of year?  We have some paperwhites and crocuses right now, and I'm planning on picking up some tulips (if I can find some) later today!


How Did I Miss That & A Fabulous Book by Erin Gates

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

So the Golden Globes were this past weekend and like many, I totally enjoyed watching the red carpet arrivals and laughed my butt off at everything that Tina and Amy said.  The next day again, like many, I read people's recaps and that's when it happened.  I spotted this picture of Gwyneth Paltrow prepping to leave for the award show.  She looked ever so lovely but what really caught my attention was her house!  My goodness!  That settee, those floors, the width of the entryway.  I.could.go.on.  So of course I then took the time to find out and see more of the house and that's when I discovered that the house was not only featured FOUR YEARS AGO but that I've pinned many of the rooms on Pinterest!  Facepalm.

Though there are a few rooms that I could do without, I am over the moon in love with all of the spaces designed by Windsor Smith.  The entry, family room and kitchen (seen below).  I don't only love the design, but I love how she imagined the room to be used by the future owners.


Also, I finally ordered Erin Gates' inspiring book, Elements of Style.

I know, what took so long, right?!  Have you picked up a copy?  I knew that she was a talent and a half and I knew that I loved her style of writing, but I didn't realize just how much I would love this book!  It had me laughing out loud, made me think and brought on a few "a-ha" moments.  Her honesty is so appreciated and the spaces she designed, so gorgeous.  I loved hearing her stories about living through a reno, her lessons learned (some the hard way) over the years and the chance to see things as she sees them.  And the fact that she dreamt of being a grocery store cashier when she was a kid, something that I also dreamt of (it's the buttons on the cash register, there's just something about them!), I mean honestly, she's too cool for school!

I really enjoyed the book and if you read the comments on my Instagram photo (seen above) I'm not the only one!  I read the book front to back in one sitting.  Now that's love!

I hope you're having a fab week so far and that you're staying warm.  It's cold out there!


Well Hello There!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Yes, I'm here.  Yes, I'm alive and yes, everything is just fine.  You see, I'm pretty certain that life kicked me in the butt over the holidays and I'm still trying to recover.  Ha! #truth

A brutal eye infection (in both eyes) that started two days before Christmas and is still trying to fight me to the end and that chose to include my sinuses along with it, plus a couple of other hiccups left us with a super crazy, super emotional and super exhausting holiday.  Well, more for myself and hubs.  The kids had a wonderful holiday despite having parents who were pretty much taking in coffee via IV.  So in the end, if you look at it from the kid's perspective, the holidays were super awesome.  Yay!

But seriously, I'm just trying to catch my breath, which explains the absence.

That being said, you guys, I'm really excited for this year.  If you're following me on Instagram then you've seen/read that I'm planning on doing less this year, but that's a good thing!  Because by doing less, I will be accomplishing more.  I have some fun collabs in the work (I know, such a blogger thing to say, but it's true!), some great ideas that I am going to push myself to go for.  But I'm also going to push myself to no longer settle, to go for what I really want.  I'm learning how important this is in your overall health and happiness.  The littlest things can have a huge ripple effect and it's important to realize that with every decision that you make.

This will be be about quality not quantity, it's always really been that way with me, but I can be very lazy when it comes to blogging and that needs to change.

Anyhow, with that said, a quick recap of the past couple of weeks, totally relying on Instagram photos for this one!

First up, the living room.  It's going to see some changes.  We brought up a console table from the basement, the chairs and couch switched spots and I am currently sourcing a few new pieces to go in the room.  I'm embracing wood this year, I'm yearning for the warmth that it brings to a room, hence the addition of the console table.  You'll see the addition of wooden elements throughout our home, it's comforting to me, I like this idea a lot.  Bringing it back after banishing it for several years.

Ummm, this layered look is a favourite.  The delicate fabric beneath a cozy sweater.....and bring on the marshmallows.  mmmmmm

One of my favourite things to do is to peruse the home decor book section at Chapters.  There's something so beautiful about this aisle and I will forever dream of owning every book you see here and more.  Like a kid in a candy store.

Speaking of Chapters, this faux fur hat....I've wanted one forever and it was on I nabbed it and have zero regrets.  Let's go on a snowy adventure you say?! Sure, just let me grab my Faux-Fur Trapper Hat! lalalalala

A trip to Target and HomeSense never disappoints.  I've wanted these tea towels forever, so thrilled to have finally found some.  The gold little jar, well, it was on clearance and was a no brainer.  Small accessories are the perfect finishing piece to any styling project.  And it's pretty.  And it's gold.

Another great gold piece, a gold votive holder from...wait for it....Walmart!  Yes, run to your nearest location!

This is one of my all time favourite spaces.  Designed by the talented Alexa Hampton.  I love it all.  The chairs, the curtains, the bookcase.  It's fabulous and more photos of this space and of her projects can be found in her book, Decorating in Detail.

Lately it's been colder than cold here.  I don't particularly mind winter, but these extremely cold temps aren't fun in any which way....they call for super cosy attire & accessories.

I have a feeling that January will be a very quiet month here, but it's all in prep for a better year of blogging.  Follow along via Instagram & Twitter if you need to see a little more of me ;)

Have a lovely weekend you gorgeous people!


Our Christmas Tree & Lots of Marshmallows!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Well, the countdown is on!  One week from Christmas Eve, can you even believe it?  I have a little more running around to do before the kids are out of school.  We will need to pick up some groceries a few days before Christmas, but otherwise, we are good to go!

I wanted to share one last holiday post with you before I take some time off.  We usually pick up our tree at the beginning of December.  It sits in the front window in the living room, so we have to move around some of the furniture, but nothing too drastic.

Our tree houses a collection of ornaments, which the kids hang all by themselves (except for where they can't reach of course).  I used to have "rules" about where the ornaments were to go, but now we just let the kids go to town and it's so much fun watching them!  I love it when they pick up an ornament and remember where we purchased it, when they made it or who gave it to them.  It's fun reliving those moments with them and knowing that these memories will last a lifetime.

We have handmade ornaments, ornaments made by the kids, vintage inspired ornaments (though we no longer have complete sets due to a couple of trees toppling over over the years! Goodness, I know! Memories I tell ya!).  Some of the ornaments were gifted to us, handed down to us and made for us, others represent "firsts".  There are ornaments that represent traditions, money socks with the kids' names on them, a tradition carried over from hubs' side of the family and salt dough ornaments that the kids make every year.   Our tree skirt I've contemplated replacing several times, but I never can do it.  I bought it for our very first Christmas after we were married, from Walmart (11 years ago!!).  I remember being so excited to celebrate Christmas together in our new home and the memory is so strong that I just can't get rid of it.

Our tree is a mix and well, it's our's our story.

I really didn't add too many decor pieces to the room this year.  I decided to keep the tiered stand from the coffee table styling post because I truly do love it's beauty (only wish there were some more Ferrero Rocher's to place on it....must buy more lol).  A few gold candles, our red pillows that only come out for the holidays and a glittery deer round up the pieces in this room this year, the tree is definitely the focal point!

Now, all that's left to do is to grab a magazine or a great book, a delicious cup of hot chocolate (with a slew of marshmallows that have melted juuuust enough) and to have a seat, cozying up next to the tree.

sweater - Old Navy, bracelets - Alex and Ani c/o, jeans - Gap, socks - Old Navy, mug - Chapters Indigo

Have a lovely day, friends!


Making Me Smile.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Well, that was a quick week!  Shall we talk Christmas shopping?  Have you started?  Some people don't start until mid December, I can't do would honestly stress me out! ha!  Truth.  We managed to finish up most of our shopping this week, just a few little items to grab and then that's that!

A few things that made me smile this week:

I placed some of the kid's artwork in the frames on the staircase, I love displaying their masterpieces and I love how much they enjoy seeing them all framed.

Wednesday morning we woke up to some fresh snow and a beautiful pink sky.  Snapped that!

And finally, a little refresh in the entry!  I ordered this gorgeous print (the one on the end) from Anna With Love's New York collection.  Have you seen the collection?  If not, you will want to....check it out here. (First print by Leigh Viner, found here)

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


These Moments....

Monday, December 8, 2014

A few weekends ago we went for a walk along the river, something that we haven't done in quite some time, turns out, it was more than just what I needed.  It's amazing what happens when you are surrounded by nature, your mind seems to be at ease and you can truly enjoy the moment.  It sure did make me realize how consumed I can get with the internet, my phone and such.

Though I've been pulling out decorations for the upcoming holidays for a few weeks now,  I'm not planning any holiday home tour posts.  Time just isn't on my side or perhaps focus has shifted a bit.  But I will continue to share some snippets of festive corners throughout the home like thisthis and this.  Up next will be our "big" tree in the living room!

We are looking forward to start our holiday baking this year, some peppermint bark, sugar cookies, shortbread and more are on the menu!  So much fun!

Do you have some baking traditions?  I'd love to hear!

Cheers and have a lovely week!

Decorating Our Mini Christmas Tree & Giveaway Winner!

Friday, December 5, 2014

It's Friday!  I hope you've all enjoyed a lovely week so far!  It's time to announce the winner of the delicious Ferrero Rocher giveaway!  Thank you so much to eveyone who entered.  I loved reading each of your comments and hearing what you're looking forward to the most this holiday season.  The lucky winner is....

Congrats, Sabrina!

This week I took some time to decorate the mini tree in our family room.  The large tree is in the living room and though I absolutely love it, there is just something about mini trees that I completely adore, so we get one every year and place it in the family room.   The tree sits in a vintage maple syrup bucket, the perfect little base.  We don't go all out with the decorations, a simple strand of gold beads is usually it, but this year, we also added some beautiful (and sparkly) ornaments, just a select few.

Next to the mini Christmas tree is a tree stump (fun fact: the stump is from my husband's parents backyard.  One of their trees had to be cut down because it was dead, so we brought the stump home with us the last time we were there visiting!).  A small rug from HomeSense draped over the stump adds a touch of coziness....though I'm not too sure that it's a wise decision to encourage drinking hot chocolate over a white rug, you can't help but to feel the urge to do just that while sitting next to the fire!

White rug - HomeSense, ornaments c/o Rona, ribbon - Michaels

A few presents wrapped in kraft paper and adorned with some purple satin ribbon, some twine and fresh greenery and you have yourself a little holiday corner!

White rug - HomeSense, ornaments c/o Rona, ribbon - Michaels


There aren't any lights on the tree because I simply love how the ornaments reflect the glow of the fireplace.  So warm and cozy, which is really how I want this room to feel.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


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