Laundry Room Makeover Update!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hi everyone!  My sincere apologies for the radio silence over here.  All is well and things have been busy, but I'm back and excited to share another laundry room progress report!  You guys, we are SO close to the finish line and I couldn't be anymore thrilled about how things are looking.

The Silestone counters that we selected were installed earlier this week along with the stunning Blanco Liven Laundry sink and Artona faucet (both in white).

The counter installation was all organized through Home Depot, which is amazing.  The first step is to have your counters measured (you have to have you sink & faucet on hand for them to measure as well).  Once the space has been measured you're immediately given a cost for your custom counter.  After payment is made, you'll receive a call to schedule the counter install.  It took approximately four weeks from the day that I made the selection to the day that the counters were installed.

Here's where we're at!!  Of course, I did have to add a few items to style the space temporarily lol!

 this deep counter is perfect for folding laundry and planting plants!

We love the quartz in our kitchen and since I intend on potting plants, cutting flowers, etc in this room (it's my little sanctuary, plus of course the laundry room and mudroom lol), I really wanted a counter top that was easy to clean and that was very durable.  Silestone's White Storm was the one!

Holy smokes, they literally cut these two slabs to perfection!  Honestly...any cutouts that needed to be done were perfect down to the millimetre!

The installers did install the sink, however we have to wait a few days to install the plumbing, which is why the drain and faucet aren't properly installed in the photos.  But my word I am SO in love with how clean the faucet and sink look with the counters.  Look at the depth of that sink!!  I was worried that I would miss the size of the industrial sink that we had in here before, but not anymore!  The Liven Laundry sink is perfect (not to mention gorgeous!)

I went with traditional hardware in a polished nickel finish, pulls on the drawers and knobs on the doors.

Now that the counters are in we can finish up the remaining items on our to-do list, which means you'll finally get to see the reveal post in the near future!  Can't wait to show you the before and afters!  Standby!


This post has been kindly sponsored by Home Depot Canada and Blanco Canada.  All opinions are my own

Entryway Refresh Just In Time for Spring!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hi everyone!

I'm sitting here typing this post while the snow falls outside.  I can't deny that I'm itching for spring and that I was completely overjoyed to see tulips and crocuses sprouting in our gardens earlier this week, but I'll do my best to be patient and ride out the rest of winter!

A few months ago I realized that our entryway was beginning to look a little tired and that the walls could definitely use a fresh coat of paint.  We've been working hard to update spaces throughout the house, and I thought that this would be a good opportunity to add some detail to our entryway for a fresh new look.

I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to work with PARA Paints on this project!  I knew from the start that I wanted to add a chair rail and to paint it and the lower portion of the wall a beautiful light colour, so this was the perfect opportunity to work with the amazing paint brand and to explore their Colour Journeys line.

After looking through the Colour Journeys site, I narrowed down my choices to Simply White, Winchester and Authentic (I 100% took advantage of the colour visualizer tool which allows you to see how a colour will look in a room).  I absolutely loved Simply White (WH05), it's undeniably a beautiful white, however Winchester (402A) also pulled at my heart strings and ended up being the winning colour as it paired so well with our existing trim.

Here's how our entryway looked before:

I first installed the chair rail and then it was time to paint over the tired looking grey on the walls.  I have no doubt that paint is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to update and refresh a space.  I chose to go with an eggshell finish so that we can easily wipe down and clean the walls as necessary.

Here's the new look!

You'll notice that decor wise, I only added the decorative ball made from driftwood beside the orchid, otherwise, everything is the same in the before & after pictures.  Isn't it unreal how much of a difference a little paint can have on a space?!

It was important to take into consideration the style of the other rooms as you can see several spaces at the same time.   That being said, this is the primary entrance to our home,  it's where we welcome guests and where we walk in after a busy day so I did want it to have a little bit of a voice of it's own, which is why I chose to add the chair rail.

I just LOVE the new look!  Be sure to take a look at the entire line here! 


This post was sponsored by PARA Paints, all opinions however are my own

Laundry Room Makeover Update - The Details

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Okay, I first have to comment on the fact that the sun has been shining for two days in a row!  You guys!!!  I've missed the sunshine so much, and welcome it back with opened arms!

We made quite a bit of progress in the laundry room over the past few weeks, thanks to my husband and father in law!  My thumb is still far from being 100% so they were kind enough to tackle the to do list.

A little rewind.  Prior to the cabinetry going in, this is what we had:

And that was pretty much it!  lol!  I've already taken down the artwork and will be replacing it with something different.  The walls have been painted in Tinsmith on the upper portion and Bakery Box on the lower portion (both from Behr paint, available at Home Depot).  I colour matched the cabinetry and decided to use that paint on the door to the garage, the closest doors and the door into the house.

For the other details:  I'm beyond thrilled to be able to incorporate some stunning Blanco products into this space.  Blanco is known for their gorgeous products and their quality of craftsmanship.  I've chosen to go with the Artona faucet, in white (pictured below).  To be honest, I was pretty indecisive at first, because I also loved the look and features of the Urbena faucet.  Ultimately I decided that the Artona would be perfect for this room.  A few features I love about this faucet are the pull down spout, the colour options and it's beautiful curved silhouette.

I'll be pairing the faucet with Blanco's recently released Liven laundry sink (seen below, with the Artona faucet, both in biscuit finish).  Oh my goodness you guys, this sink!  I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to include such a beautiful piece into this space.  The Liven sink has been designed to stand up to everyday wear and tear and also comes in a variety of colours.  You can choose an undermounted or drop-in installation.  I've chosen to go with white, to coordinate with the faucet.

In case you missed my previous laundry room post, here is a photo of the cabinets, paint colours and also the counter tops.  I've selected a durable Silestone quartz counter top (ordered through Home Depot) in a beautiful white finish, White Storm to be exact (far left).  The room is on the small side, my hope is that the white counters will help make the room feel that much more spacious and brighter as they will reflect the light.

Okay, now for a progress shot!  Here's a peek at where we are now:

I've since painted the side of the uppers to match the door fronts as well as the melamine panel (which we cut to size) beside the washing machine (we made sure that we could open the base cabinet door beside the panel prior to installing).  I also ironed on a piece of veneer edging onto the front of the melamine (took no time at all!).  We now have to add the crown moulding to the upper cabinets, toe kicks to the base cabinets and install the floating shelves.

The counter tops are to be measured within the next week and should be installed in 3-4 weeks (the faucet and sink will installed at that time as well). 

The last detail that I have to share today is a progress shot of the faux relaxed roman shade that I'm making for the window.  There are already blinds on the window, which we want to keep for privacy, but I wanted to add a relaxed roman shade to soften up the space a touch.   Oh!  And I do have to make a decision about hardware, I keep going back and forth between finishes....

We are so so close to being finished this project and we couldn't be anymore thankful or excited!  This is the first time that we've ever had cabinetry in our laundry room, it's such a treat I tell you!  The room is already more organized than before, which is just amazing!

Check back soon as I'll be sharing the full reveal including before and afters!


****This post is sponsored by Blanco Canada and Home Depot.  All opinions are my own****

Adding a Cozy Layer to the Dining Room

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hey guys!

So I've been dying to share today's post with you for some time!  About a week ago, a moment that I've been waiting for for what feels like forever finally happened and couldn't be any more excited!

The long awaited moment....our rug for the dining room arrived!  I feel like this room has been screaming for a cozy layer and a more relaxed feel for years.  The dining room is open to the living room, so we see it all of the time.  For it to not feel as comfy and as inviting as the living room is something that has always kind of bugged me!  

This room also has a door that opens up to the kitchen, so I needed to ensure that I chose a rug that would work with the decor in both the living room and kitchen.

This stunning diamond rug by Annie Selke was the perfect solution.  We have an Annie Selke rug in our family room and just love it.  Not only for it's beautiful pattern, but also for how well it's made.

I had decided some time ago that a diamond rug would look absolutely amazing in space.  I felt that the geometric print would add interest and would also pair beautifully with the vintage pink in the living room.  After choosing the design, it was then a matter of selecting a colour (this particular rug comes in over 10 different colours!).  Since a neutral colour will do a good job of hiding anything that would fall during meal time, I decided to go with khaki & white.

To be totally honest, I had different tabs open on my computer with three different diamond printed rugs for what felt like forever!  The petite diamond rugdiamond indoor/outdoor rug and the natural sisal rug all felt like really great options!  Of course, I ultimately ended up going with the with the diamond indoor/outdoor rug in khaki and white (I love how the khaki was similar to sisal in colour), but the other options would have looked amazing, I'm sure! 

Here's a tip!  When selecting a rug for the dining room, you want to ensure that the rug is wide enough for you and your guests to push your chairs back and for the feet of the chairs to still be on the rug.  For the length, the rug should extend well past the end of the table, at least 6-8".  For this room we went with an 8.5' x 11' rug size.

I love that the rug not only adds a touch of comfort but it helps to tone down the more traditional elements and the formal feel of the room, which is amazing and exactly what I was hoping to achieve.  The new rug makes the room feel much bigger and brighter too, but most importantly, the room no longer feels cold or unwelcoming.


***This post is sponsored by Annie Selke.  All opinions are my own***

A Spring Kitchen Refresh!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hi hi!

I hope everyone enjoyed the most wonderful long weekend!

I'm so thrilled to share a kitchen update that has been on my wish list for a few years now.  I can't lie, I have some big plans for our kitchen!  After living here for just over five years, we now have a good feel for what isn't working and where we can make some minor changes that will have a big impact.

We took the first step in the right direction after I spotted a pair of gorgeous stools at an incredible price at one of my favourite stores, HomeSense!  The stools featured a stunning wooden seat and gorgeous black metal legs and well, I immediately brought them home (no HomeSense regret this time!).  Though there wasn't exactly anything wrong with the white stools that we had at the peninsula, what wasn't working was their large footprint.  They really reduced the amount of space that we had between the back of the stools and the chairs at the kitchen table.  Finding stools that were slightly narrower was the answer.

Once in place, I knew that the new stools were the perfect solution to the problem!  I was able to find another pair at a HomeSense store in Ottawa and you guys, just like that, our kitchen has a fresh look!

I find that not only do they provide us with more walk through space, but they also add warmth and are more inviting.

The new stools may have prompted a kitchen refresh adding touches of colour and warm textures, perhaps in an attempted to channel spring!

Pretty pastel coloured ceramics pair so incredibly beautifully with white stone or wooden accents,  I absolute how incredible affordable these pieces always are at HomeSense.  Marble adds a touch of glamour to every day kitchen accessories.  Layering cutting boards of various sizes, adds visual interest and can be done so easily thanks to the selection and great value at HomeSense!  It's the little things!

It always amazes me how a small change can have such a huge impact on a space!

Wishing you a beautiful day!


***This post is sponsored by HomeSense, all opinions are my own***

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