Please know that your privacy is super important to me just as I'd hope that mine is when I visit others blogs/sites. Small bits of information (not your email, name or address) from your visit is collected in order to help me keep this blog as awesome as I can.

As much as I absolutely love to blog, I do need you to know that I (or any author on my blog) can not be held liable in any which way for damages or losses incurred as a result of information that has been stated or displayed on this blog, by any giveaway item won or by following a link from this blog. I do my best to keep the information up to date and to ensure that it is correct, however, please understand that mistakes do happen and I can not be liable for any omissions, errors or for keeping posts up to date. I blog for the love of blogging and to share my passion of interior decorating and fashion, please know that my blog is simply for pleasure and informational purposes only and my advice should not be considered as professional. And though I absolutely adore you, my lovely readers, please know that the readers are responsible for any outcome resulting in information/tips taken from my blog. I do reserve the right to remove any posts at any time and can close this blog at any time if I choose to do so.

I like to consider this as a kind blog and highly respect my readers. Please do not leave malicious comments or comments intending to hurt another reader. If I feel that a comment is spam, or deemed inappropriate or hurtful, I reserve the right to remove it as I see fit. Please be kind!

I do my best to credit each photo, if you find your photo or a photo that is incorrectly credited, please send me a quick email and I will correct the error as soon as possible. Any photos not credited are to be assumed as my own and are not to be published in any which way.

Affiliate links/Sponsored posts: 
Sponsored posts and affiliate links are essentially how I get paid to blog. Sponsored posts, mean that I have been given some type of compensation to write the post. Affiliate link means that if you click on a product link, I may receive compensation per click. Rest assured that my opinions in sponsored posts are genuine and have not been not swayed in any which way as a result of compensation. I will only post about products/items/themes that meet my brand and that are relative to this blog. The same goes for affiliate links. I won't link to anything, the links are only to items that I feel reflect my brand and that I truly love.

Winners for giveaways will be chosen at random.  Giveaways are subject to provincial and federal laws.  Please note: Liability statement (found above) also applies to giveaways.


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