Welcome to my blog, a place where I share inspiration on interior decor and fashion.   I'm the mother of three boys, married to my best friend and I'm currently in the process of decorating our home.  I'm pulling together vintage pieces & new pieces, combining both my husbands taste and mine, all while focusing on making our home welcoming and comfortable....and most importantly, all on a strict budget.

Some Past Collaborations:

You can catch updates by going here.

And a little randomness about me....
  • I have curly hair and only started to wear it down curly a few year ago.
  • I love to garden but I have terrible hay fever
  • cinnamon rolls. I make em, a lot. they are almost a staple in our house.
  • I love to sing out loud, perhaps a little too much and I'm bad, but I do it anyhow
  • my favourite colour by far is pink....go figure I have three boys lol
  • I enjoy looking out the window while washing dishes by hand
  • I put ice in my red wine
  • we have a dog, he's a boxer, his name is Hyatt, I love him to bits
  • chocolate almonds + Julie = true love
  • I enjoy a banana chocolate chip muffin every morning while drinking my first cup of coffee
  • speaking of coffee....I looooooooove Starbucks
  • I drive a van, no shame here....
  • I don't like to eat very ripe bananas....actually I don't like to eat ones that have brown dots on the peel, I leave those for the kids and my husband, because I know that there isn't anything wrong with them....however, I still won't eat them
  • One day, I'd love to own a cottage.  One day.
What's that? You want more?  Well, shucks.  Okay, you can find me here, here and here.

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