Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover

Monday, September 17, 2018

Our eldest son has requested a room refresh and I totally don't blame him...it's been a few years since we've touched his room.  Since we originally decorated his room (holy smokes, I should revisit the photography lol), he's gotten a bigger bed, which means the bedding has changed as well.  Otherwise, not much is new....the stripes are still there, other than the bed, the furniture is the same.  To be honest, the only new piece of furniture that he "needs" would be a desk.  Something a little sturdier and something that most definitely has drawers/storage.

We ended up moving furniture and art around, and we purged to get rid of clutter.  His room has a new "feel" and so our job is done....for now lol.

As much as I would love to start from scratch, (I mean, I'm pretty smitten with how little J's room turned out) that's not happening right now, so instead, I've created a moodboard! lol

I've always loved metal bed frames, though I have to be honest, an upholstered headboard would probably be ideal for our guy because he enjoys watching movies in bed, so that would give him something cozy to lean up against....or you could just stack some pillows behind your back lol

I fall hard for pennants, I think they are such a great piece to add to walls in kids' rooms and love how they give a bit of a nod to vintage design.  So I said that he pretty much only needs a new desk, but reality is that a new (much cozier) desk chair would be amazing too.

I realize now that a low and wide dresser would have been a better option for his room.  One, it would give him more space to display items (on the top, more surface space) and two, it wouldn't break up your line of sight, which would make the room feel bigger.  Perhaps we'll swap the position of his desk and his dresser to see if that helps.

I feel that one thing we all can agree on is that kids don't particularly enjoy putting away their clothes, especially when they are dirty.  A super cool hamper that can be left where the kids can easily chuck their dirty clothes into it is a win as far as I'm concerned!  Same goes with the garbage bin, a woven basket is perfect for this, just line it with a garbage bag and you're good to go!

Are you working on your kiddo's room at the moment?


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