Tips on How to Incorporate Vintage Into Your Home's Decor

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

I'll forever love to add a touch of vintage to each room in our house.  You'll even find hits of vintage decor in our kid's rooms, I just love it that much!  Adding vintage to your decor certainly adds character to the space, but it also adds interest.  I love the idea of mixing old and new pieces.

Our entry way, living room, kitchen and family room (to name a few!) have larger pieces of vintage furniture, however accessories are also a great way to add a touch of vintage to your home's decor.  The great thing is that vintage pieces can save you quite a bit of money, often times you'll find great pieces at great prices at local thrift stores.  It may take a little patience, as their inventory changes so quickly, but if you know what you're looking for and stay determined, you'll most definitely find "the one"!

The chair in our entry used to belong to hubs' Grandparents.  I replaced the original fabric and the piece took on a whole new look!  When shopping for vintage, definitely look past it's current state.  It's similar to when you're looking to buy a home, you can't pay attention to the things that can be changed, ie fabric, hardware, paint colour when it comes to vintage furniture.

 the chairs in our kitchen are vintage, they actually came with our dining room set, but we prefer to use them here

The side tables in both our living room and family room are vintage.  The one above, was given to us and the ones in the image below were found on Kijiji.

A fantastic (and simple) way to add vintage to your home's decor is by using decorative items.  I honestly have a cupboard full of vintage decorative pieces and every now and then, I'll switch things up for a quick change.  

As I mentioned before, shopping at thrift stores is a great place to start!  Once you narrow down which pieces you prefer to use, you can then look online for incredible pieces and for a wider selection!

though the terra cotta pots aren't exactly vintage, the patina gives them an older feel

 vintage stoneware crocks seem to be making a comeback and I love it!

 can you spot the vintage item here, on my desk?  the glass bowl? yup! it's perfect for corralling thumbtacks 

I recently gave little J's room a makeover and incorporated a vintage dresser which I painted blue 

brass candlesticks are probably my favourite!

Are you a fan of incorporating vintage pieces into your decor?



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