Adding a Cozy Layer to the Dining Room

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hey guys!

So I've been dying to share today's post with you for some time!  About a week ago, a moment that I've been waiting for for what feels like forever finally happened and couldn't be any more excited!

The long awaited moment....our rug for the dining room arrived!  I feel like this room has been screaming for a cozy layer and a more relaxed feel for years.  The dining room is open to the living room, so we see it all of the time.  For it to not feel as comfy and as inviting as the living room is something that has always kind of bugged me!  

This room also has a door that opens up to the kitchen, so I needed to ensure that I chose a rug that would work with the decor in both the living room and kitchen.

This stunning diamond rug by Annie Selke was the perfect solution.  We have an Annie Selke rug in our family room and just love it.  Not only for it's beautiful pattern, but also for how well it's made.

I had decided some time ago that a diamond rug would look absolutely amazing in space.  I felt that the geometric print would add interest and would also pair beautifully with the vintage pink in the living room.  After choosing the design, it was then a matter of selecting a colour (this particular rug comes in over 10 different colours!).  Since a neutral colour will do a good job of hiding anything that would fall during meal time, I decided to go with khaki & white.

To be totally honest, I had different tabs open on my computer with three different diamond printed rugs for what felt like forever!  The petite diamond rugdiamond indoor/outdoor rug and the natural sisal rug all felt like really great options!  Of course, I ultimately ended up going with the with the diamond indoor/outdoor rug in khaki and white (I love how the khaki was similar to sisal in colour), but the other options would have looked amazing, I'm sure! 

Here's a tip!  When selecting a rug for the dining room, you want to ensure that the rug is wide enough for you and your guests to push your chairs back and for the feet of the chairs to still be on the rug.  For the length, the rug should extend well past the end of the table, at least 6-8".  For this room we went with an 8.5' x 11' rug size.

I love that the rug not only adds a touch of comfort but it helps to tone down the more traditional elements and the formal feel of the room, which is amazing and exactly what I was hoping to achieve.  The new rug makes the room feel much bigger and brighter too, but most importantly, the room no longer feels cold or unwelcoming.


***This post is sponsored by Annie Selke.  All opinions are my own***

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