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Friday, October 27, 2017

Our weekend starts today, as the kids don't have any school.  This calls for a trip to Costco (I get ridiculously excited to visit Costco, call me weird, but it's true!).  We also have a teenager who is eager to find the perfect pair of khaki joggers, so I feel a trip to the mall coming on too.

I've had a fun time refreshing a few spaces in the house over the past couple of weeks.  It feels great to finally tackle projects that I've been talking about for years!  Incase you missed it, I shared a post featuring the new wall colour in the family room.  So happy with how this space feels!

A few other updates include new artwork in the living room and dining room (you can read a story about how I almost missed out on both here):

In other news, I'm currently craving all things comfy cozy, including outfits.  I can't wait to wrap myself up in this Erinn cardigan all winter!

And you guys, clementines are in store...does that mean I can start decorating for the holidays?!  I kid lol!

This week was a fun one on the inter web and social!  Lots of people creating beautiful things and spaces.  Here are a few that caught my eye:

In other news, I had a chance to see Talbots' upcoming winter collection and oh.my.goodness you guys, it's everything!  Absolutely everything.  Can't wait for it to go live on their site!

Have a great weekend!


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