The Perfect Floral Bouquet for Any Occasion!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I will forever have a weakness for is a gorgeous flower arrangement.  There is something about the way that a floral arrangement can add a touch of gorgeousness and beauty to a space.  And though I absolutely love fresh blooms, one of my strengths is not flower arranging.  No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to put together an arrangement the way I'd love for it to look.

This post is kindly sponsored by FTD, all opinions are my own

Needless to say, I truly appreciate the talent and eye that goes into creating a breathtaking floral bouquet.  So when FTD approached me for this campaign, I knew immediately that I would love to work together!  Even knowing that the delivery was coming, I couldn't help but to smile when the bouquet arrived at my doorstep.  I can only imagine how happy it would make an unsuspecting recipient!

This is so important to me, knowing that I can easily send something so beautiful to family and friends!  We don't live in the same city as our family members, in fact, they are all spread out across the country.  The ability to send a meaningful gift that will put a smile on their face or let them know that we are thinking of them is absolutely priceless!  To me, there is no better gift to send to those we love to celebrate milestones, achievements, birthdays and just to say hello than a floral arrangement that has been beautifully created and delivered by a local florist!

The selection at FTD is abundant, ensuring that there is a little something for every taste and every occasion.  You not only have the option to choose a floral arrangement from their various categories, but you can also add a personalized note and the size of the arrangement.

The stunning arrangement that I selected is just one example of the gorgeousness that can be created on your behalf by a local florist.  Not only does the arrangement arrive fresh, but it also arrives in a vase, which is absolutely amazing! All you recipient has to do is place the bouquet in a desired location.  I love love love that!  How many times do you get home and wonder which vase to use and how much to trim off of the bottom of your flowers?  Me: all.the.time!

I have no doubt that I will be relying on FTD Flowers in the future to send to family and friends for special occasions, be it a birthday or a simple warm "hello" and of course, the upcoming holidays.  When sending an arrangement to a recipient, I want to take into consideration what their taste is.  Do they love carnations?  Roses?  Perhaps orchids?  Do they prefer pastels or maybe jewel tones?  Ensuring that you're really taking the time to think about the colours and personal taste of the recipient will make the gift even that more touching!

Which floral arrangement do you love the most?  Do you have a favourite flower?  One that you always tend to gravitate towards?


This post has been sponsored by FTD, all opinions are my own


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