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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

You guys, I find that I've dug myself into a decorating hole and I'm having one heck of a time trying to get out!  Goodness.  So, I've embarked on transforming the family room.  I selected a new paint colour after taping a few swatches on the wall and humming and hawing over which I preferred.  Selected "the one" proudly walked into the store and headed home with a gallon!

Well, go figure, I'm feeling that maybe my love for grey is stronger than I ever wanted to admit as I've once again chosen a "cool" grey.  So now I don't know what to do.  Do I just give it a go and then repaint?  I honestly don't mind the work, but I can't decide if I'm just being hopeful that the colour will work or denying the truth.  Ha!

In other news, did you see my Instagram post in which I shared my heart rug?  It was such a fun DIY, all to celebrate the launch of Tiffany Pratt's new collection of Krylon spray paints!  The collection includes 16 colours in a variety of finishes.  From mattes, to sea glass to metallics and glossy, there's a little something there for everyone.  And the colours, they are absolutely divine!

The challenge was based on a DIY found in Tiffany's book, This Can Be Beautiful (have you read it?!  So inspiring!!!).  The idea: add your own creative flare to a basic wool rug using spray paint!  Honestly, such a brilliant idea!

Here's what I came up with:

I knew I wanted to create a heart pattern and at first I was going to use the rug as, well, as rug!  But then I thought it would make a super cute and fun wall hanging!  So I gave that idea a go and I'm so happy with the results!  Here's how I made it happen:

I added a border by taping off two rectangles around the perimeter of the rug.  After that, I got to work on cutting heart templates in a variety of sizes out of cardboard (cereal boxes for the win!).  I cut as I went focusing on creating an organic look.  I didn't use a template for the heart shape, I cut out each heart on the fold of the cardboard to make it easy (and to ensure that each side was symmetrical to the other).

After the rug was filled with hearts, I secured the templates in place with a small piece of tape.  Again, there was/is no rhyme or reason to the placement of the hearts, I went with what I thought looked good.  The only placement that I chose purposefully was the large heart which I centered.

I covered the hearts with a larger piece of cardboard prior to spray painting the border in "Ultramarine".   Once that was done, I removed the cardboard that was covering the hearts and then covered the border.  I sprayed over the heart templates with "Ballet Slippers" and then "Metallic Plum Purple".

Once the rug was dry, I cut a dowel to length (approximately 1.5-2" longer than the width of the rug), folded the rug over the dowel and hand-stitched it into place.  A piece of twine was tied to either end of the dowel and voila!  A beautiful rug hanging!

I also used Metallic Gold spray paint on the hook from which the rug is hanging.  Decorative pinecones were sprayed with Ultramarine, Ballet Slippers and Seaside Green for an extra touch and to create a cohesive feel in the decor!

You can follow along on Instagram to see the other participants rugs and to see other beautiful ways to put the #TiffanyPrattxKrylon Collection to use!

In other news, each time I post about the cinnamon buns, someone asks for the recipe.  So incase you missed it previously, this is the recipe I use, so yummy!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Krylon generously gifted me the Tiffany Pratt x Krylon Collection to use for this project

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