Day and Night

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Choosing versatile pieces has always been something that I've been conscious of when shopping for clothing.  I love tops that can be worn both day and night, dressed up or down.  I'm a jeans girl, through and through.  99.9% of the time, I will be seen wearing jeans!  By choosing tops that are slightly dressier, but that can still be worn with jeans and then paired with flats or heels, allows me to easily dress up an otherwise casual outfit.  This top is perfect for summer and will also look great layered under a gorgeous cardigan or sweater (peeking out beneath).  The racerback detail adds interest and I love that it's not fitted.

For this post, I decided styled this outfit two ways, but the only thing I changed were my shoes!  I love seeing how an outfit can totally work for both day and night!

I've worn these jeans a lot for outfit shots, just goes to show how much I love them, especially for spring and summer thanks to the ankle cut!


The Summer Dress

Monday, June 19, 2017

I bought this dress last summer at Old Navy.  I can't even tell you how excited I was to see that they are once again carrying it this year.  It's absolutely perfect for those hot summer days (that we were treated to this past weekend!).  It's also available in a variety of colours and prints!  I've linked to a few below!  Plus, you can't be the price!

I honestly wear these Sperry shoes all.of.the.time.  They are probably my favourite shoes right now due to their versatility and comfort.  I'm thinking I'd like to add a blue pair to my closet!

This weekend, we rode our bikes on a beautiful path along the water, enjoying the cool breeze from the water and later, we indulged in some delicious ice cream treats!

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend!



Weekend Reads

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Happy weekend, friends!  Saturday mornings are typically the one time during the week when I don't feel guilty sitting down and catching up on my favourite reads.  So I thought, why not share what I'm loving with you each Saturday!  With that, welcome to the first edition of "weekend reads" sprinkled with a few favourite moments from our week!

One of my favourite bloggers, Julia, is currently on vacation in France.  I'm loving this post and all of her insta stories and photos!

Studio McGee recently shared a home reno and it's out of this world!

Looking to improve your photography skills, then be sure to read this post!

This is an old post, but I spotted one of the photos on Pinterest and it completely reeled me in!

I love love love how Courtney's curtains turned out!

Just love Amy's fashion sense and this outfit has me wanting to try off-the-shoulder tops again!

We had the incredible opportunity to see a preview screening of Cars 3 thanks to Canadian Tire.  The kids absolutely loved it (and we did too!).  If you love the Cars series, I think you'll just love this one too!

A few more shots from this week:

The rain did a good number to our peonies, I brought the last bunch in and now I'm patiently waiting for our hydrangeas to bloom!

Have a fantastic weekend!



Whitewashed Vintage Dresser

Sunday, June 11, 2017

A few years ago I decided to paint a vintage dresser that we received from my mother in law, white.  I wanted to use the dresser in our master bedroom, so painting it white was a way to make it work in the space (and I was totally on board the "paint everything white" train at the time! ha!).

After our master bedroom makeover, I decided to move it to the main floor hallway for storage.  The dresser looked great white (I am still trying to find a good picture of it!), but you can see a bit of it in this photo:

Though the white was good, I wanted the piece to stand out a bit more, but not too much.  I decided it was time to sand it down and try to restore it to it's original glory.  After sanding off the white paint (one of my least favourite jobs) using 60 grit sandpaper (be careful, this is coarse sandpaper so you don't want to apply too much pressure or it could ruin the wood), I chose to stain it with a medium stain.  It didn't look good at all!  I brought the dresser inside just to confirm that it wouldn't work and alas, my gut was right.

So then it was on to plan B, which I didn't really have at the time.  That being said, I'm currently craving warmth and brighter colours in our house, so the idea of bringing a bit of Provence came time mind after being inspired by photos of Julia Engel's trip to France.

The problem was that for the first time in I don't know how long, perhaps ever, I really didn't want to paint the piece.  After a little brainstorming, I decided to attempt a whitewash for the very first time and the end result is absolutely wonderful!

For the whitewash I first applied a natural stain to the wood.  After that dried I mixed water with Iqualuit Road from Canadian Tire's Premier Paint line. I had picked up a sample of this colour when I was testing colours for the family room makeover, it was a great way to use up the rest of the sample.

I brushed on the mixture (which was more water than paint, at least a 3:1 or maybe even 4:1 ratio for the look I was going for) with a paint brush and then quickly wiped it off with a cloth before it dried too much, which would make it more difficult to wipe off.

I would repeat these steps until I got the right look.

TIP: If you find that you aren't getting enough white, add more paint to the mixture, if it's the opposite, if it's too much white, add more water to your mixture.  You can always sand down parts that are a touch too white, which is exactly what happened to me in the beginning.  I recommend that you start on the back or side, an inconspicuous area to test your mixture out.

I really wanted to be able to still see the grain of the wood, which is why I used more water than paint in my mixture.  If you want the opposite, to cover the grain and see less wood, switch the ratio around.

Something else I'm pretty excited about: peony season!  Our peony bushes are all in bloom right now and I'm loving it!  We planted a few more last year, which means that I'm able to clip some flowers to bring in the house without leaving the gardens completely bare!  The colour of the ones in these photos is just unreal!

You may have noticed a new poster hanging above the dresser.  I've had my eye on this poster for months and finally purchased it a few weeks ago.  You can find it here!

This was my first time ever whitewashing a piece of furniture and I have to say that I love the look!  I really like how you can see the grain in the wood and how the detail stands out more and how it has character and a worn look.  Some of the white paint still shows, that's another detail that I'm fond of.

It's great how you can totally customize each piece when applying a whitewash simply by selecting the right white or grey paint and adding as much or as little water as needed.  There are quite a few methods out there, but this is the one that worked for me!



Family Room Makeover Using Premier Paint

Thursday, June 1, 2017

You guys, I'm not so great at keeping secrets, but have learned that some things are better left as a surprise.  A few weeks ago, I was asked by Canadian Tire if I would be up for transforming a space using paint from their new line, PREMIER.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity because I had already planned on a doing a room makeover that required paint.

Which room you ask?  The family room.  In all honesty, this room has kind of been a thorn in my side for the past few years.  It's always felt "off" and it wasn't until recently that I realized the reason why.  The paint.  It's just not right for this room and for that reason, the timing for this project couldn't have been any better!

Now something that completely took me by surprise was how much my grey loving heart was leaning towards....wait for it.....beige!  Yes, beige!  If you told me a year ago that I would be contemplating painting our family room beige I would have laughed so.darn.hard.

But alas, Butter Beige was the winner (I also tried Iqaluit Road and Polar White, but as soon as they were on the wall, I knew that Butter Beige was "the one").

I chose to use Premier Infinity for this project because it was going over a dark grey.  The paint and primer combo is such an incredible feature.  I applied two coats, waiting the four hours between each coat.

Here's the before:

And here's how the space looks now!

I chose to only paint the bottom portion of the wall and separated the two colours with a chair rail (36" from the floor as we have 9' ceilings and used the tools from this post to install the chair rail).  I love how the new paint adds just enough warmth and brightens up the room perfectly!

I honestly can't believe how one can of paint (that's all it took for this project) can completely transform a room!  It's got to be the best way to give a room a new look.

Here's a closer look!

I think what surprises me the most is how there is definite colour when you look at Butter Beige on the fan deck, but once it's on the wall, it's hard to tell that it's not white unless you have is placed against something that is true white.

I also painted the existing frames with the same paint!  For that, I used a foam brush and it worked perfectly!  Again, I applied two coats and the new look suits the room!

I'm truly so happy with how this room makeover turned out!  I already have plans to update a few other rooms.  To be honest, I also consider painting the room a gooooorgeous green!  If you're in the market for a stunning shade of green, be sure to check out Mountain Green, such a pretty colour!


This post is written in partnership with Canadian Tire, however all opinions are completely my own

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