The One Room Challenge - Week 2

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Okay, here we are in the second week of the ORC.  Thanks a bunch for visiting to see how things are going so far.  Again, a huge thanks to Linda from Calling it Home for hosting and to HomeSense for sponsoring little J's bedroom makeover!  You can see all of the incredible rooms of the One Room Challenge participating here and the rooms of the guest participants right here!

We tackled a lot (and by we, I mean me, ha!).  The first thing I did was to totally clear out little J's room and essentially started from scratch, and that alone, took foreverrrrr.  Honestly, this child manages to find a reason to keep almost anything and everything! lol love that little booger!

By removing everything, I was able to see the space that I was working with, uncluttered.  We've agreed (that's little J and I) that he will still have his toys in his room, but that we will donate the ones that he doesn't play with anymore.  Those toys that he doesn't play with on a regular basis will go to the basement.  Solves the clutter issue just like that!

Here's where we are now......

This is what it looked like at the beginning of last week!  What a difference!  The room already feels a million times bigger!

We took down the bunk beds (!!!!!!!) and the dresser (which belonged to my MIL when she was young) was taken out of the closet and placed in it's new home.  It will be getting a fresh coat of paint and new hardware.

The bedskirt fabric arrived earlier this week (it's currently just tucked in place so that I could see what it would look like).  Hopefully I'll have more crossed off of my list by the start of week 3!  Here's a closer look at the fabric.

I found the perfect desk at HomeSense!  Like the.perfect.desk.  J's room is on the smaller side, so we needed something that would do the job, but that wouldn't take up a lot of room.

Yes, it's rather narrow, but to be very honest, he very rarely used the old desk that was in his room, it was wasted space.  So I figured we'll go narrow, though there isn't a lot of surface space, there is enough space for him to colour, draw, build lego and play for those times that he would prefer to be in his room.  Not a lot of space for clutter to gather....know what I mean?!

I also found a vintage metal stool which I'm so excited about, every room needs a touch of vintage.  I may sand down the seat and stain it, or perhaps I'll give it a fresh coat of paint.  Still undecided.

The blue paint swatch that is taped to the wall is most likely the colour I'll be going with for the desk wall.  Not gonna tell you what I'm doing with it though (partially because I'm still undecided ha!).  You'll have to wait and see!

And honestly, how c-u-t-e is this fox pillow from HomeSense?!  Perfect colour palette and character for this room makeover!  The funny thing is that I bought the striped pillow about a year ago, and they look like they were purchased at the same time!  Love it when that happens!  

I'm also loving the headboard and the fact that the bed no longer has a footboard.  It makes a huge difference in creating more visual space.  Time for a new look though!  The headboard will a new colour in the next few days!

Ok, here's the list from last week.  Let's see what we've scratched off:

  • paint headboard
  • purge room (so.much.clutter and so unnecessary!)
  • make bedskirt
  • paint vintage dresser (not shown)
  • find desk
  • frame DIY
  • hang gallery wall
  • hang hooks for clothing
  • find some type of book organization
  • place for J to hang his art
  • make frame for world print
  • new lighting

  • Okay, I crossed of lighting because I did find that desk lamp, but I can't lie, still looking for a lamp for the bedside table and perhaps a new ceiling light.  So it's 50% done!

    I'll also add a bedside table to the list, totally forgot about it on the previous post!

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    1. looking so good already Julie! Love your side table vignette and your pillows are so adorable! Yay to HomeSense and I may need to go hunt down that striped one + pom pom!

      great seeing you today and hope the trip home wasn't too hectic! xoxo

    2. Love this space! Love the fabric on the bed skirt.

    3. that fox pillow tells me i am going to love this space!

    4. This is coming together so sweetly! Cannot wait to see next week

    5. Getting rid of the clutter transformed the room already! I also adore the desk you found, paired with that vintage stool it is the perfect combination for a modern yet unique room.

      Charlotte |


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