ORC Week 3 - Boys' Bedroom Makeover!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Oh my word!  It's already week 3 of the One Room Challenge (you can see Week 1 right here), and I can say that earlier this week, panic officially hit!  I always had a huge amount of respect for those who participated in this great challenge (hosted by Linda from Calling It Home), but I have to say that now that I'm actually taking part, I'm bowing down!  Especially to those who are tearing rooms apart.  I'm not tearing down any walls, but still feel like I'm chipping away at my to-do list at a snails pace!

Thank you again to HomeSense for sponsoring this room makeover!  Of course, all opinions are my own :)

So this week I got around to painting the vintage dresser (that belong to my mother in law when she was a kiddo) and I'm looovvvving the new colour!  It's "Collingwood" and is from Canadian Tire's new paint line, Premier.  It went on beautifully!  I had decided on these knobs early on and am pretty certain that I'll be going with them.

I also managed to complete the frame DIY that I had mentioned before.  I used two colours of paint to add some detail to the frames, next up is adding the artwork and hanging the gallery wall.  There will be a few other things going up on this wall too, which is why the frames are still sitting on the ground!

Last week I had the opportunity to preview HomeSense's new Juvenile line.  Gosh it's absolutely incredible! (you can see some of my favourite pieces from the preview here on Instagram).  There were several items that I knew I'd be searching for for J's bedroom makeover.  I was completely thrilled when I spotted this bedside table at our store because it was one of the items from the preview that I knew I needed for this space!  Woohoo!  I found the lamp during the same shopping trip, it's hammered base is fabulous!

One thing that didn't go as planned, was the colour I was planning on using behind the desk.  I had opted for this lighter blue (which is a great colour, I actually used it for the frame DIY), but I need something with a little more oomph.  I'm going to try the darker colour, on the bottom right, next.  If that doesn't work, I'll go with the other one, which is the dresser colour.

Okay, here's the to-do list, let's see where we stand:

  • paint headboard
  • purge room (so.much.clutter and so unnecessary!)
  • make bedskirt
  • paint vintage dresser
  • find desk
  • frame DIY
  • hang gallery wall
  • window treatment
  • hang hooks for clothing
  • find some type of book organization
  • place for J to hang his art
  • make frame for world print
  • paint wall behind desk
  • new lighting

  • I added "painting the wall behind the desk", should have been there from the beginning!  Even though the list is still rather long, I feel a productive week coming along.  It's time to paint that headboard, make the bedskirt and to finish up a few decorative DIYs!  I'm also considering making some type of window treatment, the room needs it, so I've added it to the list.

    Can't wait to update you all next week!

    Now you have to check out the other guest participants, there are so many incredible room transformations happening!  Find them all here.




    1. The frames look great. just a little touch to add a lot more style! it's coming along great!

    2. Looks great so far! Love the color of that dresser!

    3. Looks great so far! Love the color of that dresser!

    4. Love everything so far!!! Where did you buy your frames?

    5. I love the painted frames! They are so cute and add just the right amount of color!

    6. Love the colour you chose for the dresser! Everything's looking great so far!

    7. It is looking so good. The bedside table is amazing, and the colour of the dresser with those knobs is perfection! I have no doubts you'll pull together an amazing transformation!!

    8. It's looking great Julie! Love the pop of colour on the frames. And yay for scoring at HomeSense - those things go fast!

    9. you've done such a great job with your painting! Love the new lease in life with the dresser and those frames are fab Julie!!

      looking forward to week 4!

    10. What a great job you are doing Julie! This is coming along fabulous!
      The frames are perfect.
      I'm also working on the ORC. It's been fun!

    11. This room is adorable. The frames are really cool - can't wait to see them up on the wall. And I love the bed color. Been trying to find the right green for my daughter's bed. Who would have thought Krylon had a color that was that great. Looking forward to seeing the rest!


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