Master Bedroom Gallery Wall - A Fun Mix of Art

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Last winter we redecorated our master bedroom.  Though it was a huge step in the right direction, there are still quite a few details that I'm looking forward to updating and adding.

At the top of the list was to fill the empty wall in the reading nook.  From the beginning, I envisioned a fun gallery wall.  I wanted something that would express both my husband's and my personalities and something to juxtapose the more formal and traditional pieces.

The gallery wall includes floral prints, a skateboarder, boat print and more!  I love how they all work together! (I've linked to all of the prints at the bottom of this post).

All of the prints were ordered through Minted.  I think what I love most about ordering through Minted is that you have the option of having your prints framed, which means that they arrive at your door step ready to hang!  I don't know about you, but sometimes finding the perfect frame is harder than finding the art itself!  

I'm so guilty of buying art prints and not hanging them for months if I don't have a frame by the time the print is delivered.  This just makes things so much easier and the frame selection is fabulous!  I like to mix things up and was able to easily do just that!

It was an absolute pleasure ordering from Minted.  I love how they offer a wide variety of art and that you have several size options to choose from.  However the best part is the fact that Minted supports independent artists.  I love love love supporting creatives and I'm in complete awe of the gorgeous pieces available at Minted.

I have a few more decor decisions to make for this space before it's finished, which I'll be sharing with you soon!


*****Minted kindly provided me with the art of my choice, all opinions are my own.


  1. This is lovely - where is the floor lamp and table lamp from? Thank you!

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  3. Your paintings are really beautiful that you used there. Brilliant way to decorate a room. It looked really classy. Do you hear about diamond abstract animals paintings.

  4. Great ideas used by you. I am already looking for these things in my room. A red dragon painting must b there.


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