Family Room Tour - After Christmas

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It's officially a snow day today and I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am about that!  I know, I know, it was only day 2 after the holiday break, but honestly, the first week back isn't ever easy!

I wanted to share some photos of our family room today!  As you know, we collaborated with Leon's to make-over this room for the holidays!  (If you missed the reveal, you can see it here!).  

It wasn't until after we took down all of the holiday decorations (ok, minus the wreath above the fireplace) that we realized that it was the first time that we'd seen this room without any holiday decor!  The tree went up soon after the furniture arrived and that was in August!

I'm so thankful for this makeover!  The room that bugged me the most is now one of my favourites and so much cozier than it was before!  I love how incredible the Klein chairs look in this space vs the leather club chairs.  The Iver entertainment unit is the perfect fit for this space!  It has enough room to store all of our stereo equipment, the sliding doors (that look like drawers, photo below) tuck toys and boardgames away neatly and it's long enough to flank the TV with my favourite lamp duo.

The Berkley coffee table has caught people's eyes over and over again on instagram.  My guess is that gorgeous base, but I'm positive that the lightwood top also is also a favourite!

Love the sliding doors that are made to look like drawers!  Great for tucking away toys & games and such!

Next up is replacing the couch.  I guess we didn't get "all leather" like we originally thought (lesson learned) and it's beginning to crack absolutely everywhere, which isn't ideal!  My dream couch is a velvet english roll arm, but part of me wonders how velvet will wear over time.  This room gets a lot of use, so I need something that will hold up!

I'm thrilled with the fact that this room houses a combo of new and old pieces.  The grouping of brass candlesticks makes a simple statement.

Enjoy your Tuesday, friends!  If the snowstorm is where you are, stay warm!



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