DIY Pink Ombre Tablecloth

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hi everyone!

Thanks so very much for all of the love on the Kids Valentine's Day Party post!  So thrilled that you liked it!

As promised, today I'm going into a little more detail about how I made the pink ombre tablecloth.

I picked up a canvas drop cloth from our local hardware store for $30.  I decided to go with 9' x 12' because I wanted it to drape over the sides, all the way to the ground.  Truth be told, this drop cloth was pretty heavy, but the reason why I wanted to use it was because I loved the look of the canvas.  After pricing out similar options at the fabric store, this was the best bang for my buck.

To create the ombre look, I used three different shades of pink Krylon spray paint - Ballet Slippers, Watermelon and Mambo Pink.  You can see two out of the three here.

To apply the spray paint, I placed the drop cloth on a fold-up banquet table that we had out in the garage and measured how high up I wanted the lightest colour to start.  In hindsight, I'm thinking that it may have actually have been easier to place it on the ground, lying flat, so that you could easily get around the edges.

To figure out how high I wanted the colour to start, I first placed the tablecloth on our kitchen table and measured up from the ground.

I started with the lightest colour (Ballet Slipper) and slowly, in short bursts, passed it over the length of the tablecloth, one side at a time.  I gradually over-lapped the layers the further down I went to get the right intensity of colour.  You can always add, but can't take away, I kept reminding myself of this!

After the first colour was applied, I repeated the same step with the two other colours (Watermelon and Mambo Pink).  Taking a step back, I could easily see where I needed to add more colour and did so as needed.  I wanted an organic look, similar to what you would achieve if you were using a dye, so I would move the can up and down ever so slightly, in almost a wave pattern. to minimize the straight line look.

For the corners, I simply tucked in the extra fabric and using my fingers, creased the edges for a nice, crisp look.  I didn't hem the edges, because the tablecloth looks gorgeous with the extra fabric pooling at the corners, however I didn't think that it would be a wise option to do that for the kids' party incase someone tripped over it!  No need for cupcake masterpieces to go flying!

You may notice an almost marble look in the spray paint.  Well, I completely forgot to iron the drop cloth prior to applying the spray paint!  Ooops!

I'm so thrilled with the end result of this project!  Can you even believe that I almost didn't go ahead with the idea, in fear that it wouldn't work?!



  1. Love this! How did you make the corners like that? it looks so neat and crisp!

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