DIY Pink Ombre Tablecloth

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hi everyone!

Thanks so very much for all of the love on the Kids Valentine's Day Party post!  So thrilled that you liked it!

As promised, today I'm going into a little more detail about how I made the pink ombre tablecloth.

I picked up a canvas drop cloth from our local hardware store for $30.  I decided to go with 9' x 12' because I wanted it to drape over the sides, all the way to the ground.  Truth be told, this drop cloth was pretty heavy, but the reason why I wanted to use it was because I loved the look of the canvas.  After pricing out similar options at the fabric store, this was the best bang for my buck.

To create the ombre look, I used three different shades of pink Krylon spray paint - Ballet Slippers, Watermelon and Mambo Pink.  You can see two out of the three here.

To apply the spray paint, I placed the drop cloth on a fold-up banquet table that we had out in the garage and measured how high up I wanted the lightest colour to start.  In hindsight, I'm thinking that it may have actually have been easier to place it on the ground, lying flat, so that you could easily get around the edges.

To figure out how high I wanted the colour to start, I first placed the tablecloth on our kitchen table and measured up from the ground.

I started with the lightest colour (Ballet Slipper) and slowly, in short bursts, passed it over the length of the tablecloth, one side at a time.  I gradually over-lapped the layers the further down I went to get the right intensity of colour.  You can always add, but can't take away, I kept reminding myself of this!

After the first colour was applied, I repeated the same step with the two other colours (Watermelon and Mambo Pink).  Taking a step back, I could easily see where I needed to add more colour and did so as needed.  I wanted an organic look, similar to what you would achieve if you were using a dye, so I would move the can up and down ever so slightly, in almost a wave pattern. to minimize the straight line look.

For the corners, I simply tucked in the extra fabric and using my fingers, creased the edges for a nice, crisp look.  I didn't hem the edges, because the tablecloth looks gorgeous with the extra fabric pooling at the corners, however I didn't think that it would be a wise option to do that for the kids' party incase someone tripped over it!  No need for cupcake masterpieces to go flying!

You may notice an almost marble look in the spray paint.  Well, I completely forgot to iron the drop cloth prior to applying the spray paint!  Ooops!

I'm so thrilled with the end result of this project!  Can you even believe that I almost didn't go ahead with the idea, in fear that it wouldn't work?!


Kid's Valentines Day Cupcake Decorating Party!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hi, friends!

I'm beyond excited to be part of a blog hop that's all about sharing ideas and inspiration for hosting a fun Valentine's Day party for the kids!  All together there are 11 fantastic party ideas, so be sure to check them all out!  A big welcome to everyone who is popping over from Ashley's gorgeous blog!  How stunning was her Valentine's Day post??!!  Thanks so much for taking the time to visit!  You'll find the links to the other participants at the bottom of the post!

I absolutely love any excuse to go all out using my favourite colour, pink!  This cupcake decorating party is meant to allow the kids to create their own tasty masterpieces while being surrounded by all things love.

I had so much fun putting this tablescape together.  The biggest DIY project (but super simple!) was the ombre tablecloth (find the tutorial here!).  I bought a drop cloth from our local hardware store (don't underestimate the weight of a 9'x12' drop cloth.!!).  I then took three different shades of Krylon pink spray paint (Ballerina Slippers, Watermelon and Mambo Pink) and one by one, passed them over the side of the drop cloth.  I overlapped the colours where I felt like I needed a little more intensity.  I will be writing more about this project in an upcoming post!  One thing I totally forgot to do was iron the drop cloth prior to spraying it (oops!), which is why there is almost a marble effect.

The chairs were removed from the table, hoping that it would make it easier for the kids to move around and get what they needed to decorate their cupcakes.  I bought piping bags from the bulk food store and filled each with icing.  There are two white, one pink and one marble (I added the red food colouring, but didn't mix it completely, for a fun marble effect).  Each piping bag has a different decorating tip, so that the kids can make various designs.

Red, pink and white sprinkles have been placed in bowls with spoons.  Messes are welcome!  Part of the reason why I chose to go with a dropcloth tablecloth was because I didn't want to have to worry about the mess!  Nothing too precious here!  We really want the kids to be as creative as they want, without worrying about being too messy!  The dropcloth can be folded up, shaken out (there will be a lot of sprinkles on it! lol) and then placed in the washing machine after it's been used!

Plastic utensils have been wrapped up in napkins tied with kraft paper name tags and a festive cupcake topper.  A quick swipe of pink paint adds a bit of detail to the kraft tags.

Paper bags with treat boxes inside make it easy for our guests to take their cupcakes home with them (we made a lot of cupcakes, enough to eat during and extras to take home to enjoy after!).  Though the kids weren't captured working on their masterpieces, it was such a blast seeing all of them hard at work!  They were so creative!

Happy decorating!

Now be sure to hop on over to the beautiful blog of Lucy from Craftberry Bush to see her party inspiration and incredible heart ballon tutorial!  It's absolutely beautiful and I know you'll just love it!

You'll also want to visit the blogs of the other participants, below!  So much to love!



Seeded Eucalyptus

Monday, January 23, 2017

I'm slightly obsessed with this bunch of seeded eucalyptus!  I styled a tablescape last week (post will be live later this week!) and was pretty darn excited when I spotted this gorgeous greenery at the store.

Truth be told, I've never bought seeded eucalyptus before, so this was the first time that I've used it in a tablescape, but I can assure you that I will be using it from now on!  I love it naturally falls in an organic way when placed in a vase, but also how it has a romantic feel!  Just beautiful!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  We watched The BFG for the first time this weekend and can I just say that this is probably one of my favourite movies!  Honestly, so magical!  

Be sure to check back later this week for a fun Valentine's Day post!  Get ready for all things pink!


Gallery Wall Project & What I'm Reading

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hi Hi!

chair - Leon's, if not found online, available in store // pink throw & pillow from HomeSense // book

I had one of those crazy dreams last night, that feel completely real and you wake up wondering what the heck just happened?!  Always such a strange feeling!

I recently started to read this month's #IndigoBookClub pick, The Woman in Cabin 10, and so far I'm really enjoying it!  Have you read it?  There was one page that I had to read 2-3 times, to ensure that I hadn't read it wrong!  Now I'm eager to find out what's going to happen.

Our reading nook sure has proven to be a great place to sit for a few quiet moments.  If you have enough space for a chair (pay attention to size) in your bedroom, including a reading nook is something I'd completely advise you to do!

Speaking of our master, I'm in the midst of planning a gallery wall to go above the dresser, opposite from the bed.  I originally placed a mirror above the dresser and two lamps on it, but have since decided that I'd rather a gallery wall.  I'm excited to search for some great prints!

Where's your favourite place to shop for art?


Taking The Scenic Route

Monday, January 16, 2017

I feel like every Monday I return with some sort of outdoor post, but alas, it is what we get up to on the weekends!

We started off last week with a snow storm, midweek the temps were above zero (say what?!) and then we ended the week with the temps returning to where they should be, just below zero (or maybe a little cooler).  Anyhow, we bundled up and got out there for a beautiful walk!

I bought this jacket last season when it was on sale.  Honestly, best decision ever!  I sometimes put it on, head outside and then come back in to get changed because it think it's warm out.  Then I realize that that's not the case and the coat is indeed that warm!  I had another North Face jacket that I wore before this one and it's great too, but this one really keeps you warm in those sub-zero temps!

I'm working on a super fun upcoming post this week, it involves lots of pink!  Any guesses?!

Have a lovely Monday!


This Week In Review

Friday, January 13, 2017

This week was an interesting one.  I somehow managed to blog more than once (!!!) though I will be the first to admit, that I don't see myself being able to keep up with 5 posts a week (my goal is three, more to come about that).  But what this week was was a lesson.  I learned that if I really focus on making good use of my time, that I can accomplish WAY more than I would have ever thought!

I started this year with a few goals, one of them being to put more effort into meals and snacks.  It's not that we eat out all of the time, we actually don't eat out all that often.  It's more because I have a few recipes that are on heavy rotation, so I wanted to mix things up a little more.  I've always been interested in cooking and have said before that I'd like to try more recipes, but never did/have.

So I went out and purchased a new skillet, I also plan on buying a food processor in the next little while (hello fresh hummus).  And well, in the last week, I've made spaghetti carbonara, guacamole, sushi and chicken fried rice all for the first time.  Oh! And we can't forget the batch of hot chocolate!  So I'm here now, patting myself on the back because I'm proud that I actually made an effort!  Of course, we'll still enjoy our favourite "regular" dishes, but I think trying a new recipe (be it a main course, snack or side dish) once a week should be an achievable goal!

Fingers crossed I can keep this up!  Do you have any favourite cookbook?  What about a food processor?  Please do share!



One Step At A Time - Sperry Saltwater Boots

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Over the holidays we really amped up our number of walks through the forest.  It came perfectly clear that I was lacking the proper footwear for these types of walks (when the snow isn't knee deep that is!).  I am not fond of overly clunky boots for the simple fact that I overheat way too easily.

Anyhow, now that you know that about me, I knew that I wanted a pair of short boots, ones that I could wear with socks over my jeans, or with ankle jeans when the temps rise a bit.  I love love love my Hunters, but sometimes I just don't feel like wearing tall boots.

I tried on a few different styles and decided to take home a pair of Sperry Saltwater boots.  What totally surprised me was how much I liked the brown on brown.  When I first saw them on the shelf I thought that there was no way that I'd like them, but I was curious as to how they fit and to my surprise, I immediately fell in love with them!

We've been out on walks since and I've worn them to pick up groceries, these boots are gems!  They do have the fleece lining on the upper portion to help keep you warm, but the rubber portion is similar to a rainboot, which is exactly what I was looking for.   They are super comfy and will be perfect come spring, when the snow begins to melt away!



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