New Sarah Richardson Pillow Covers & A Favourite Top

Monday, December 12, 2016

We are starting our week off with a snow day!  I'm pretty excited to have an extra day to regroup from the weekend and the best part is that the snow is packing snow, so we should be able to build our first snowman!

If there was ever a top that was me to a "t" it's the Edie Top fro J. Crew.  I purchased the plaid version first (which has since sold out).  Once it arrived, I hopped on the computer to see what other fabrics there were!  I bought two more (textured clip dot & shirting stripe) when they were offering 40% and free shipping (can't lie, I love a good deal!).  Well, the good news is that they are once again offering 40% off AND free shipping!  You can find them here!

I still can't get over the transformation of our family room (read about in page 36 right here!).  Previously, this room was honestly been a bit of a thorn in my side.  I had tried several different fabrics for pillows, different furniture arrangements and so on, but it wasn't until our family room makeover and then the recent addition of these stunning Sarah Richardson pillow covers that I now look at this room and smile.  I smile!  It's the absolute best feeling and I'm so thankful!

I purchased the pillow covers when Sarah Richardson was offering 50% off a few weekends ago.  If you've been following me here for a while, then you know that I typically shy away from colour, unless it's pink!  But I knew that the family room needed warmth, it needed colour and I LOVED this fabric, so I went for it.  Oh goodness, am I ever so glad that I did!

The jade pairs beautifully with the couch (and will pair even more beautifully with my dream couch, which I'm still saving up for lol) and I love how it ties in with the gallery wall in our hallway.  I'll have to take a wide shot for you to see!  I kept the blue pillow covers that used to be on the couch, just moved them over to the chairs with the purple pillows.  Tada!  More pics to come!

What I love about these pillow covers are their generous size (20"x20"), the fact that they are reversible (simply flip the pillows over for a fresh look AND they look great from the front or back!).  I also love the beautiful hidden zipper and piping detail!  The pillow cover is 100% cotton and machine washable, much needed when you have kiddos, no?!

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