A Versatile Faux-Fur Vest

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I can't deny that part of the reason that I absolutely love the holidays is because of the parties!  I mean, it's such a fun time of the year!  We typically attend work parties for which we get dressed up and there's of course, parties with neighbours and friends, which require less formal attire, but, you still want to wear something a little dressier than your weekend outfit.

How fun is this 3/4 length faux-fur vest from Talbots?  I had fun dressing it both up and down, literally wore it with a pair of these distressed jeans and it still totally worked!  I chose to clip on a brooch to hold it together, however there is an eyelet hook at the top.  (This exact brooch is no longer available, but you can find more options right here!)

I also love that even though you couldn't exactly wear it while going for a winter walk, unless you layered well, that it does keep you warm enough for running to and from the car.  I'm not a fan of overheating when shopping, so it would certainly be a good option for running errands (just be sure to keep a warm jacket in the car incase, cause you know, I'm a worry wart like that!).


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