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Friday, October 21, 2016

So the other day, I decided to go to HomeSense to buy a cake stand.  As always, I toured the store instead of heading directly to where I needed to go.  And oh my goodness, you guys, I found the most stunning set of white dinnerware!  I honestly stood there for a good 20 mins trying to decide if I should buy the set or not.  I have to tell you that I've been looking for a beautiful, well made white set of dishes for a few years now.  The others were either too expensive, sold as an entire set, or the design wasn't exactly what I was looking for. HomeSense completely took me by surprise by having exactly what I was looking for, when I wasn't looking for it!

After some thought, I decided to take the pieces home.  I just couldn't pass them up.  I ended up with 10 place settings (minus the cups, we love our mug collection) and so far, I'm beyond thrilled with them!

Before I go, here are some of my favourite links from this week:
Have a lovely weekend and PS don't forget to enter this fantastic giveaway!



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