Long Weekend

Monday, September 5, 2016

As we head into the last day of the summer break, I find myself filled with mix emotions.  I love having the boys home, I don't love making lunches every morning.  I'm going to miss those stinkers, but look forward to a more regular schedule and getting back to work.  They are going to have a fun year!

As I prep for a busy month (hello exciting deadlines, incredible collaborations and of course, BlogPodium), I'm going to take this last day to put my feet up while I can.

We made some changes around the house and as a result, we moved this white dresser into the main floor  hallway.  It works, but I'm not quite sure that I'm loving it.  Maybe it needs to be painted or sanded down and stained, maybe I just need to get used to the new look....time will tell!  What I do love is this vintage combo.

Something that I'm truly loving....the fact that for the first time EVER, an african violet has rebloomed for me!  Documented.

Have a wonderful day, friends!


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