Decorating With Collections

Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy Monday!  I hope you all enjoyed a fantastic weekend!

We're working on organizing the house, it's incredible how easily (and quickly) things can get out of control!  Having a spot for everything is key, I swear!

If you have a collection of any sort, be it magazines, Lego, art or even toys, sometimes grouping them together is the answer to keeping things visually appealing and organized!

Hop on over to the Hello Yellow blog where I'm sharing tips on how we incorporated kiddo 2's collections creatively in his room design!


Pretty Pleats

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Happy weekend!  We are in the midst of redecorating two rooms in the house in collaboration with Leon's (!!!!). I'm pretty darn excited and as per usual, unable to keep from sharing sneak peeks.  So hop on over to my Instagram page if you want to see the changes.  I have to say that the changes to the family room are pretty crazy!  But in a good way of course.

I'm probably going to lose friends by saying this, but here I go....though I'm sad for summer to be over and that the kids will soon be heading back to school, I'm starting to itch for fall with all of the fall previews that are being sent my way!  I'm pulling together some looks to share o the blog soon, here's a soon to be favourite, I'm sure!


Leaning Art

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I'm a pretty big fan of leaning art, simply because it allows me to easily switch up the decor in our house.  I find it to be a great way to decorate a space or corner without having to patch holes or move nails/hooks around when you are ready for a change.

Layering pieces, one in front of another allows you to play with height and depth.

We added an IKEA shelf to kiddo 2's room, so it's a designated spot for art (or books), whereas in the rest of the house, I prefer to place the art on dressers, consoles or even the kitchen counter

All art doesn't have to be hung on the wall!



Switching It Up

Monday, August 22, 2016

Yesterday was a rainy day, so I snuck away for a bit to sew some new pillow covers for our master bedroom.  This room will be getting a long over due makeover in the coming weeks, which we are pretty darn excited about!

I ordered both the pink velvet (which is absolutely delicious!) and patterned grey fabric from Tonic Living.  If you're not wanting to sew the covers yourself, you can order them pre-made from Tonic Living as well!  I've had my eye on that pink velvet for what feels like forever, it's honestly so incredible!

If you're considering sewing your own pillow covers, I say go for it!  I like this tutorial for zippered pillows.

Have a great week, friends!


Roasted Marshmallows

Monday, August 15, 2016

We are back to work this week after a couple weeks of summer holidays.  It was a great break, but I have to admit that it went by way too fast.  It's hard to believe that summer break is more than half over!

By no means am I trying to rush the remainder of the summer break away, but the reality is that we need to slowly start focusing on back to school prep, which also means, back to a regular blogging schedule.  BlogPodium 2016 is fast approaching and I can't wait to attend this year's conference!  With new highlights and new faces, it will certainly be a jammed packed day!  Can't wait!

This past weekend, we threw some briquettes in the chiminea and roasted ourselves some marshmallows followed by hot dogs.  Not a bad way to end the weekend!   You can also see a bit of our new lower deck and the fantastic Catalina chairs from Canadian Tire's CANVAS Collection!  I'm heading back there today to look for a coffee table and a few accessories, can't wait to share the entire space with you!

Cheers to Monday, friends!

Try, Try Again!

Friday, August 12, 2016

It's been on heck of a summer weather wise!  With temps rising above 30C almost everyday, we have been able to get out and about!

Our favourite place to be is of course, the beach.  We had a fantastic day there yesterday.  The best part was after nearly 2hrs of trying, kiddo 3 learned how to swim like a little fish.  He's been taking lessons for a while now, but just couldn't get the hang of it, until yesterday when everything just connected.  I will remember that day forever!

If you're following along on Instagram then you've seen sneak peeks of our new deck!  We have been wanting to add a lower tier for a few years now, and after a couple of days of hard work, hubs, his dad and the kiddos make it happen!  Can't wait to share the entire reveal!

Have a fantastic weekend!


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