Grandma's China Collection

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Last weekend I was scrolling through photos on Instagram when I came across this photo in Jillian Harris' feed (if you aren't already following Jillian on social media, stop reading and go do that right now!), and immediately had an aha moment!

So while sipping my coffee and still in my pjs, I got to moving Grandma's china set from a corner cabinet in our kitchen to the glass front cabinets above the new workspace.

We typically only use these dishes for holiday dinners or special gatherings.  But those dinners are something that I'm so fond of.  The family together, everyone sitting around the table and the delicious food.  Seeing the dishes stacked up in the cupboards reminds me of those moments.

My original plan was to have only white dishes in these cabinets and I moved ahead with that plan, but quickly realized that it just wasn't going to work for me.   Of course, I want our home to look great when it comes to the decorating, but I also want it to feel cozy and comfy.  So then I started to add tea sets and loved the pop of colour.  That addition of Grandma's china set was exactly what these cabinets needed.

I'm just such a huge fan of inherited pieces, pieces that tell a story and that have been passed down from family members.

We have yet to replace the shelves with glass ones and I still need to fill the holes, but so far I'm thrilled with how this space is coming together!



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