Spring Brunch

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I absolutely love Spring!  The warmer temps slowly begin to creep in, gardens start coming back to life and everyone is out and about enjoying the fresh air and sunshine (which I hope will stick around soon!).  Why not celebrate the arrival of Spring by hosting a fantastic Spring themed brunch?!

Grandma's china and crystal have been paired with plastic cutlery and striped paper straws for a great mix of high and low.  Spring blooms take center stage, but the true star of the show are the absolutely stunning napkins and placemats from The Sarah Richardson Home Textiles Collection!

I knew that these pieces were amazing having seen them online and in print, but they are truly even more gorgeous in person!  The patterns are casual yet elegant.  As you know, grey is my favourite colour.  The greys used in the collection are perfect and allow you to easily pair the pieces with any accent colour.  The reversible (!!!) placemats give you endless possibilities for mixing and matching! (see what's on the reverse of these placemats here! you're gonna love it)

Plastic cutlery allows you to customize your tablescape inexpensively and helps to create a relaxed setting.  The gold and wooden elements add a touch of warmth and go beautifully with the grey linens.  A piece of pink velvet ribbon tied around the top of each of the napkins, which feature elegant peonies, finish off the place settings.

Try combining plates from different sets!  I've placed one of Grandma's beautiful china plates on top of an every day grey plate for a mix of high and low.

Cake stands add height to your tablescape and are perfect for serving not just cakes, but croissants or other tasty treats!  I love having everything out on the table so that your guests can easily help themselves, honing in on the relaxed vibe.  Include touches of vintage with some milk glass vases!

After your brunch is over and your guests are gone, simply toss the linens into the wash (they are 100% cotton) so that they are ready for your next meal!

The Sarah Richardson Home Textiles Collection is just stunning and offers a variety of patterns and colour ways.  The collection not only includes table linens, but you will also find accent pillows and bed linens and all of the pieces can be mixed and matched!  You can view them all here!

Cheers and happy Spring, friends!

this post was written in collaboration with Sarah Richardson Design, however all opinions are my own


  1. This is a stunning brunch! The color combination in the tabelscape is beautiful.

    1. Thank you so very much! Thrilled to hear that you like it!

  2. This setting is beautiful! Makes me excited to get into my new house next month so I can host pretty brunches like this too! :)

  3. So pretty! I need some of Sarah's lovely line. Well done Julie. xo

  4. Amazing how those plastic cutely makes a big change on table. Love the idea! love the color!

  5. I absolutely love it. Congrats! Follow you from now on. Hugs amatuhogarhn.blogspot.com


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