A Little Flare

Thursday, April 28, 2016

I've had a pair of flared jeans sitting in my closet for quite a few years.  And though I love them, I always found that their cut was just a tad off.  I spotted this pair from Gap and immediately threw them into my cart.

I'm also a huge sucker for peplum and ruffles.  When a top combines both of those details, sold.

I absolutely love how the jeans have a snug fit past the knee (vs beginning to widen at the knee).  I also find this cut to be much more flattering and totally makes your legs look longer (something that I definitely can use!).

The top easily dresses up a pair of jeans (which I wear nearly 99% of the time).  I can totally see it paired with a fabulous pair of distressed jeans and then the flared jeans would look absolutely amazing with a fantastic sweatshirt!

Versatility is key when it comes to the pieces that are in my closet and these two newest additions are making this mama super happy!


HGTV's Home To Win - Series Premier April 24th!

Friday, April 22, 2016

I'm always pretty darn happy when I find out that HGTV Canada is about to launch a new series.  But never before have I ever been so intrigued and excited to tune into a premier as I have for Home to Win.

There has been a whole lot of anticipation for this series.  It's by far, the biggest, most interactive, multi-platform series yet.  When 20 of your fave HGTV Canada Stars, including Sarah Richardson, Bryan Baeumler, Scott McGillivray, come together to buy an average home, which they will then renovate from top to bottom, you know it's gonna be amazing!

The best part (as if the cast wasn't enough), Canadians can audition to be one of three who will compete to WIN this ultimate property!

You: Get.out.

Me: I.know.

photo credit: HGTV Canada

It all starts this Sunday, April 24th at 10pm ET on HGTV Canada.  The premier will follow the HGTV Canada Stars as they hunt for the ideal property.  I can't wait to see the options or to see how the team comes to a final decision on the perfect property to tackle.  With so many amazingly talented stars working together, there must have been a bit of a tug of war happening when it came to choosing the ideal property.

photo credit: HGTV Canada

Once the fan-favourite builders and designers have completed their job of renovating the home room by room (there are 20 major renovations), three lucky Canadians will have a chance to compete in "heart-pounding challenges".  The victor will claim the keys to this amazing house!

To find out how you too can submit a video audition for the chance to compete for this amazing home, and for loads of extras, such as videos, how to virtually step inside of the home, and for the entire list of the stars participating, visit HomeToWin.ca!

Happy weekend, friends!


Ready. Set. Go.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Getting out for a run or making it to the garage for a Crossfit workout are two of my favourite things to do.  Some days it takes a lot of effort to get out there, but it's always, always, always worth it, no matter how much I'm dreading it in the beginning.  Always.

I recently bought a pair Nike's Lunartempo runners and I'm over the moon happy with them.  I find the cushioning to be incredible and they are really comfortable.  Another new Nike favourite that I got for Christmas - this hoodie from their Tech Fleece line.  My husband has been a long time fan of these pieces and I finally understand why.  Not only do the pieces look great and fit well, but they are undeniably cozy.

I love a good 5km run, not too short, not too long (and just enough time to listen to your favourite tunes).  But I think I need to start incorporating longer runs here and there to mix it up a bit.  As for my Crossfit workouts, I don't do anything too extreme.  I started Crossfit last year and absolutely love it!  I noticed a huge difference in my endurance, strength and overall fitness.  My favourite Crossfit workout is probably the Helen because it includes running.  For this workout you do a 400m run, followed by 21 kettle bell swings and 12 pull ups (I do 12 ring rows instead of the pull ups, because truth be told, I can not do 12 pull ups yet! ha!).  You repeat it three times.

I've been doing this workout in the basement using the treadmill for the past bit because it's been too cold outside & in the garage.  I swapped out the ring rows for dips or shoulder presses and it's still a great workout and takes less than 20 mins!

With the warmer temps creeping back, I'm looking forward to getting back to outdoor running and garage workouts.

Have you tried these Nike runners?


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