Back to Work!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Phew!  We survived March break!  We didn't travel anywhere, but did take advantage of activities that were going on around our city AND we took advantage of the fact that we could get away with doing absolutely nothing!

Our days consisted of waking up late, getting going even later.  It was refreshing and though the weather wasn't ideal, the kids were able to get to the park and play some soccer with friends.  So all in all, it was a great week for the kiddos.

I'm so guilty of wearing the outfit in the photos above several times over the break.  That and then my other go to outfit was jeans and a chambray shirt.  You just can't go wrong with either!  I love the jean jacket.  Throw back to The Canadian Olympic Team!  Whoop!

After a couple of weeks that were full of curve balls, I'm looking forward to getting back on track this week!  I can hardly believe that it's Easter Weekend!  I need to start decorating the house!

Happy Monday, friends!


Kiddo 1's Bedroom Makeover - The Reveal!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Well, this post should have been written months ago!  It's so funny, because I took the photos on two separate days...weeks apart, and you'll notice that in some of the photos, kiddo 1's bedside table is close to the door and then in others, it's against the wall.  That's what happens when you stall on photographing a space, it evolves and changes between shoots! Oh man....anyhow, without further ado, here are the results of kiddo 1's bedroom makeover!

Here's the before:

And the after:

Orange pillow - HomeSense//Orange paint on frame - FAT Paint (c/o)//Bison Print - Anewall//Green Frame - IKEA//Bedside Table - IKEA//Lamp - HomeSense//Bedding - Aura Home (c/o)

The primary focus was to spend little money (ha, truth) and to make the room more efficient and keep an airy feel.  We changed the layout, to keep from having every single piece of furniture pushed against the walls.  I purchased a pair of the ever popular Vittsjo shelves from IKEA to flank his desk (also from IKEA).  I chose to remove the glass shelves that came with the units and replaced them with wooden ones, which I stained after having them cut to size.  Truth is, I thought I could get away with wood shelves that were the same width as the glass, the next size up would have left a little bit of a lip above the frame.  Of course, there's a bit of sag now because the wood isn't strong enough to hold heavier items.  We just work around it, not stacking a slew of books on one shelf, etc.  So it's not awful, and we could add some support in the centre of the shelves, but just so you know if you chose to go that route as well.

We kept the desk & chair that he had before, they work, but I'd love to eventually replace both for something vintage, maybe even just the chair.  The bedding from Aura is super cozy.  I love the pattern and especially love the orange piping, a colour that we ended up carrying throughout the room.

The biggest change was by far the stripes.  I am SO happy with how they turned out!  I was extremely nervous, but after testing out over 5 paint colours, this blue was the one and boy does it ever add a great focal point to the room.  I also love that you can see it in the mirror when you walk into his room.  Speaking of the mirror, I chose to hang it above the desk for that exact reason, to make the room feel a tad bit bigger.  Does the job!

My favourite decor piece in the room is his very first baseball glove.  Oh my heart.  I picked up the case from Michaels.  We are a big baseball family (hence the hats on either end of his bed!) so we had to include touches of baseball in the room.

We bought the dresser, desk and chair when we first moved into the house.  I now wish I had waited and purchased a dresser that was shorter and wider, like this.  It would provide him with more space to display items, with the larger top.  I also think it wouldn't have such a "heavy" feel to it.

I still need to switch out the lighting and hang up some awesome blue hooks that I picked up (they'll go behind his door).  They will give him a place to easily hang up sweaters or hats vs placing them on his bed.  The bed frame could have gone, but there's nothing wrong with it, so it stays for now.  A little more art to hang (sports related, of course) and then that's that!

He's so happy with it, there's a bean bag chair on the left side of his bed where he loves to hang out.  I'm happy that he's content with the space and finds it so cozy.   Now to move onto the other kidlets' rooms!  Hopefully it won't take me as long to finish! oy!


The Dining Room Chairs Before & After

Monday, March 14, 2016

If you're following me on Instagram then you've definitely gotten your fill of our new-to-us dining room chairs.  I still can't believe that I found them!  I live for great vintage finds and the fact that these chairs were in such great shape was an added bonus.

The dining room is now on it's way to being finished, which I'm SO excited about!  I vowed to never again reupholster chairs, but I figured I could tackle this job in a decent amount of time, so I decided to take on the challenge.  What I had forgotten was how unforgiving reupholstering is on your hands! Oh man, I have nice blister on the inside of my thumb and I still can't feel the tip of one of my fingers!  But, it was well worth it!

Here are the chairs before:

I chose to go with the stunning floral fabric, Millie, for the seats and then to add some velvet piping in Citrus.  Both fabrics are from the wonderful Tonic Living.  The best part is that the floral fabric has a soil and stain resistant finish!  I've had my eye on this fabric for some time, so I was pretty excited to finally have a place to use it!  The velvet piping added the perfect finishing touch!

I finished this project over two days, while the kids were at school.  The reupholstering definitely took up a large chunk of that time.  Sewing and adding the piping was much quicker.  The next time I do this, I think I would opt for piping that is more tightly woven (they didn't have it at our local fabric store and I was too impatient to search for other options lol).

Now I just need to find a rug.  I do have my eye on this one from IKEA, but I'm still undecided if I want to go that route or if a neutral rug would be better.  Maybe I'll just give the one from IKEA a try ;)

Have a wonderful day!


***Tonic Living kindly provided me with the fabric for this project.  This however, did not influence my opinion in any which way, all opinions are my own.

Celebrate Warmer Weather With the CANVAS Patio Collection!

Friday, March 11, 2016

It's bound to happen, the arrival of warmer temps (right?!) and soon, everyone will be dusting off their patio and begin to plan their backyard oasis for 2016!

Back in November I had the chance to get a jump start on my very own backyard plans, when I met up with the wonderful Canadian Tire team to style pieces from their gooooorgeous CANVAS Patio Collection.  I thought about my family and how we love to use our backyard space.  The first thing that came to mind, a BBQ pizza party and games night!

You will find us in our backyard most days and nights once the warmer temperatures arrive.  Hubs and I start our day off by enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck and we typically finish the day there, enjoying a delicious beverage after dinner.  Here in Canada, summer is rather short, so we are determined the make the most of it!

Since the day we moved into this house, I've dreamt of having two designated areas in the for dining and another for max-relaxing.  So that's what I created for this wonderful collaboration!

When hosting a BBQ pizza party, consider removing chairs from one side of the table so that your guests can easily help themselves to the delicious food.  Wooden cutting boards play double duty.  You can easily cut your pizzas into bite size pieces and leave them on the board for everyone to try!  A cutting board and serving tray in one!

Two things that every patio needs are flowers and lanterns!  But why not use a party tub or a mud pan (yup, mud pan) for planters?  Another quick and easy DIY: grab some old cans from your recycling bin, spray them your colour of choice (I went with gold) and again, use them as planters or add some water and a floating candle for an added touch of ambiance!

Brilliance is designing dishes that are both durable and beautiful (they do exist!).  I adore these ripple tumblers and especially love how they make your beverage look over the top refreshing with the bubbles that are set within the plastic!  Even more brilliant?  Lamps that are solar powered and that bring a touch of interior style to your outdoor space!

Add some pillows, throws, and finger foods and just like that, you have yourself an extremely warm and welcoming space for you, your family and your guests!  Hop on over to this Pinterest board to see more inspiration creating a fantastic backyard oasis!  You can view some videos and other great decor ideas here!

Happy entertaining!


This post is a collaboration with Canadian Tire, all opinions are my own.

Dash & Albert Herringbone Rug - Family Room Progress Update!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Giddy up!  Things are finally happening in the family room!  I'm not a quick decision maker and that's putting it nicely.  It takes me forever to make a decision.  So when I finally decided to order this stunning Dash and Albert Herringbone rug from, I was over the moon excited that search was finally over!

Of course, I wanted to share a peek of it in place.  Here's a look at the old rug:

And the new handwoven cotton rug:

The rug is much different than the one we had before and I'm loving it!  Now I know that I had originally said that I was going to go with a blue rug, but in the end, my love for grey won.

So now we are waiting to find a credenza (still hoping to nab a fantastic mid-century modern one) and coffee table.  I keep going back and forth between a tufted ottoman and a wood coffee table.  I just love putting my feet up while watching tv, so I'm leaning towards tufted ottoman.  Perhaps something like this, or this.  BUT!  I could always go with a wood coffee table and then order a Moroccan pouf, like this, right?!  We shall see!

As you can see in the last photos, there are a slew of fabric swatches from Tonic Living.  I'm trying to narrow down the colour-way and keep bouncing between two.  My love for pink & grey is still strong, so you may see that combo in here in some way...... I'd love to add some lumbar pillows to the chairs and I'm undecided if I should keep the blue floral pillows.  So once I have the new credenza and ottoman in place, I think it will be much easier to make a final decision.  Good news is that there's progress and we are getting there!

More to come soon!

Happy Monday!

Cheers, kindly provided me with a gift card, which I chose to put towards the purchase of the new rug.  All opinions are my own and weren't influenced in any which way.

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