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Friday, January 8, 2016

Vintage & pink.....two things that I absolutely love.

I'm working on a couple of projects around the house.  I can't believe that I'm still trying to tackle most of the rooms.  Every time that I feel like I'm done, I find something to change!  Of course ha!  It's never ending.  Good thing I find this fun (99.9% of the time), otherwise we'd be in trouble!

I've gotten the idea that the cabinet in the dining room would be a great place to house a slew of milk glass.  I already had a few pieces, but have picked up some more this week.  I'm loving it so far!

When you find a home decor book that is all about the colour pink and pink is your favourite colour, you pick the book up immediately and run!  Well, don't run, but you get the idea.  Found this lovely at HomeSense and she fits in perfectly here.

Have a lovely weekend, friends.  We made it through the first work week of January!  High fives all around.


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  1. High fives Julie! It was a tough week ;) I love how this is looking. The milk glass really stands out against the dark wood.


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