#BlogPodium15 - The Recap

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Though when I look at the calendar, it’s perfectly clear that BlogPodium was nearly 2 months ago, in my mind, it feels like it was last weekend!

This was my third time attending the day long blogging conference that is geared towards lifestyle bloggers.  This year, the conference headed out West for the very first time and was welcomed with open arms.  Vancouver is a beautiful city.

My favourite thing about BlogPodium is the energy that you leave with.  It never fails.  I always leave the conference invigorated and ready to take on my blogging goals and to set new ones.

One thing that kept coming up in regards to social media channels was to only sign up for as many as you can manage well.  Let's face it, there are A LOT of apps now!  Snapchat came up a lot and I’d have to say that there were mixed opinions as to whether or not this app was worth your time.  Again, it’s not black and white.  Certain social media channels work better for some than others and some people are just better at using Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc, than others.  The beauty of these social channels is that they all allow you to offer something slightly different to your readers and fans.  That being said, there is no value to them if you aren't able to update them on a regular basis.  So take your time to test them out and really think abut how each one can help you with your blogging.  If you don’t feel that you have enough time to use each one well, then decide which you love the most and which you will benefit from the most and keep those apps going.

I think that’s one thing that is often overlooked, how much work it takes to have a successful blog as well as successful social media channels.  Most of the time, the numbers don’t rise in a week.  It takes time and patience and though this can be frustrating, it’s somewhat comforting to be surrounded by likeminded people who get that “struggle”.  You no longer feel as though you’re adrift on a ice flow and truly appreciate the fact that you are understood and what you're going through is the norm in the industry.  This is so encouraging, to know that everyone in the business feels the same way and that you aren’t doing anything wrong.  Reassurance.  It’s pretty priceless.

That for me, is the best part about BlogPodium.  Being surrounded by a wonderful group of amazing Bloggers who are driving down the same road as you.  I know there is talk about competition and though this is true, it’s no different than any other industry.  Singing, modeling, acting, the competition is there as well.  But the thing is that we all offer something different, we are all unique and when we put that forth, when we write in our own voices, we take shots that we love, it shows.  Authenticity is so very important and I truly believe that this is what will set you apart from the rest and make you successful.

I’m so thankful to have had the wonderful chance to work with such an amazing and inspiring team once again this year.  I’ve learned so much from these lovely ladies and can’t thank them enough for their patience, their words of encouragement and listening ears.  Heart you team!

A huge thank you to the keynote speaker, Jillian Harris.  Jillian, you inspired all of us more than you could possibly know!  Your honesty was so appreciated as was your advice and encouragement.  

And to Jen, I can't thank you enough.  You are a bundle of talent and I'm in awe of how you juggle everything that you have on the go with such grace.  Thank you for bringing us all together each year!  I truly believe that I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for you!

all images courtesy of VancouverPhotobooth.com

So go for it.  Go for those dreams that you have jotted down or pinned on to your inspiration board.  You can do it.  Take those steps and don’t be discouraged by the hurdles that you hit on your way.  It’s not always easy, but with hardwork and persistance, you WILL get there.

Happy Wednesday, friends!



  1. You're so sweet Julie! You got where you are because of your talent - can't wait to see where it takes you next!

    I'm taking that last paragraph to heart. Blogging is a roller coaster. It's always good to be encouraged by others on the same road as you. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Jen needs some sort of superwoman award for all that she does! Love her & you & the whole team - BlogPodium would not be the same experience without you all!

    Can't wait to see what's next for you - big dreams always lead somewhere exciting :) xo


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