Decor Progress!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Happy Friday!

I've been planning on decorating our eldest son's room for months now, literally, months.  It's sad how good I am at procrastinating when my decor ideas include something that scares me.  What scared me this time?  Painting blue stripes on the wall.  Well, guess what?  They are done and goodness do we ever love them!  We picked a dark blue that has a hint of grey.  It's the perfect colour and changes so much (in a good way) during the day.  I definitely learned a few things about painting stripes and will share in a future post.

Today I'm off to search for some art.  Here's a little peek at the striped wall and the beautiful piece from Anewall that will most likely go above the bed.

I also tackled the gallery wall in the basement, yup, it's done!  That was the last element for the basement so now it's time to photograph the space and to share the basement reveal over at the Hello Yellow blog.  Speaking of which, have you been following along over there?  If not, you
must!  There is so much inspiration!

With that, have a lovely day and weekend and GO JAYS GO!


Visiting the Orchard

Monday, October 19, 2015

We decided to visit a local orchard over the weekend.  It's such a fun spot and the minute you hit the grounds, you are surrounded by the most delicious smells of fall baking and the loveliest displays.

Fall is certainly my most favourite season, the scents, the layers and the beautiful sites outside just reel me in.

We had a wonderful time finding our way through the corn maze and eating empire apples right off of the tree.  If we weren't ready for fall before arriving, we most certainly are now!

Have a lovely Monday!


Chatting With Bryan and Sarah Baeumler From House of Bryan!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Yesterday I had the wonderful chance to speak to Bryan and Sarah Baeumler about their new season of House of Bryan: The Final Straw.  If you watched last season you'll be happy to know that The Final Straw is a continuation of the amazingness that we saw last season and it all starts this Sunday, October 11th at 9pm EST.  Can I just say that I could have chatted with them forever!  Seriously, they are just as wonderful as they seem on their show!  So down to earth and absolutely hilarious.  

The Baeumler's are no strangers to living through a reno (literally) and that's putting it lightly!  I absolutely loved last season of House of Bryan in which the family bought a place in the country, lived in the old part of the house while building the new addition.  As someone who dreams of one day making the move from the city to the country,  I was curious about how the transition went.  They've absolutely loved it!  That's not to say that there weren't a few hurdles to overcome and there wasn't a little bit of an adjustment period!  But other than the obvious, living off of propane, dealing with a septic tank and the fact that you aren't on city services, they are so unbelievably happy with their decision to leave the city. 

They are so thrilled that the kids now have ample space to play and explore and they feel that living there is truly the best of both worlds.  Close enough to the city to easily access amenities, but far enough to enjoy the quieter and simpler life that comes with living in the country.   Their tip for moving to the country: be prepared, since you are out there on your own.  There will be ice storms, there will be power outages, but with the right prep work, you'll be good to go!

Something I adore about this power couple is how they balance one another out and that they aren't afraid to show the true side of what it's like to live through a renovation.  The dynamic between the two of them is totally relatable!   And that was something that they wanted from day one, to set the tone and to show how to manage situations and issues as they pop up.  Living through a reno requires project management and as Bryan said, there's real art involved to make it all work.  So many trades and details, it's a real process!

The family built this home with a purpose and really thought ahead vs just building for the family as they are now.  The spaces for the children are so well designed and are rooms that can grow with them, it was all about thinking about the longevity of the rooms.  The current playroom is a room that can eventually act as a movie room or lounge.

People often ask how to design a home when you have children and I love the fact that the Baeumler's didn't sacrifice design because they have kids.  Of course they may not be able to have all glass furniture, but with a little cleaning and a few rules, clever storage solutions and a carefully designed layout, they show that you can certainly have the home of your dreams.  You don't have to be afraid of that white kitchen or light coloured furniture.

So, what can we expect to see in the Final Straw?  Well, for this design lover, you can bet that you'll see the design process once again just like we did last season.  We will see them transform the old part of the home from an all wood, dated space to a more modern space that ties in with the new house for a seamless look.   The couple took the time to think about how they would be using this space that was once a kitchen and dining room and how they could update it on a minimal budget.  I can't wait to see what they do!

I think it's one thing to work with a couple and to design a home and space for them vs designing a space for you and your family.  When asked how they deal with a difference of opinion when it comes to design details, they were so honest and made a great point.  They know each other so well and respect one another, so they would take a step back when it came to designing a room that one of them was more passionate about.  This allowed the other to really create the space of their dreams..  It's all about compromise.

Bryan and Sarah have a lot on the go, from their show, to their business, to family life and their wonderful foundation.  Yet they seem to manage it all with grace and make it look so effortless.   For them it's all about hard work, go and get what you want, but be ready to have to work for it!  Laughing along the way keeps the tone light and in the end, they are truly doing what they love, so to them, it doesn't necessarily feel like work.

You really get a sense that this is a family whose priority is family.  It was important for them to create a home and space that everyone in the family would love and continue to love for years to come.  A home that will grow and evolve with them.  And I love that.

Their tips to anyone who is about to embark on a reno, big or small:
  1. Set a realistic budget - seriously - this is most important
  2. Create a plan
  3. (and perhaps my favourite) - Enjoy the journey!  It's a trip to get to the end result, but that's all part of the experience!
The fun starts with back to back episodes on Sunday, October 11th at 9pm EST.  This season may also include a tree house for the kids (yes!), a chicken coop and of course, the barn.  I had a chance to view the first episode and I laughed so hard, I seriously love this show and this family.  Be sure to tune in!  If you can't wait until Sunday, you can catch a snippet of what's to come here.


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