We Are Officially Back to School!

Monday, September 14, 2015

The kids are officially back to school (as of last week) and I'm happy to report that the first week was a huge success!  I'm still finding it hard to believe that summer vacation is over, but thankfully we continue to enjoy some lovely temps!  As much as I love fall, I will take what's left of this summer weather.

A couple of days before school started, the kids took the time to organize their school supplies and to pack them into their backpacks.  I can honestly say that by this point, they were really looking forward to heading back to school and of course, finally being able to use their new kicks

Little J was eager to trade in his velcro shoes for the lace up Vans and kiddo 2 was looking forward to hitting the streets running, literally, in his new running shoes!  He says they are just what he needs to make the cross country team!  We picked up both pairs at The Shoe Company during their great BOGO event.

Little J has really gotten into skateboarding and is getting pretty great use out of his awesome Vans.  It's so fun watching him practice his tricks, I've gotta say that he'll be an ollie master soon!

Truthfully, I was a little sad when the kids started packing up their new kicks and school supplies and especially so on their first day back.  Don't get me wrong!  I'm thrilled that they are excited to be back in school and that they are happy with their classes, but the house sure is quiet without them here....

We plan on enjoying these last few weeks of warm temps and we will have to definitely check out the stock at The Shoe Company when it comes time for the kids to trade in their runners for winter boots.  I can't believe I just said winter, but we are in Canada after all!  Hopefully we'll enjoy a long fall, right?!


****This post was kindly sponsored by The Shoe Company, however all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any which way.


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