Accessorizing With BRAVE Leather

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

They say that when decorating your house, to take a cue from your closet.  Well, there's so much truth to that little piece of advice.  My closet is full of neutral pieces, a few colourful pieces can be spotted, but for the most part it's various shades of grey and LOTS of denim.  Walk on over to where I keep my jewelry, accessories & shoes and that's where you'll find the pops of colour.  Simple, with beautiful details, these pieces are right up my alley.

When it comes to our home, the larger pieces of furniture are relatively neutral and we bring in colour through accessories.  I love it!

These stunning bracelets and gorgeous belt are just a few of my favourite things from BRAVE Leather!  The touches of gold are right up my alley!  Relatively simple designs with a splash of personality, not overly done, but will certainly catch people's attention.   I rely on my accessories to bring my outfits to the next level and I love how these pieces can easily be dressed up or down and are gorgeous together or on their own.  You can create your own little remix!

With jeans being my absolute favourite, a variety of belts is a must!  This fabulous belt buckle is.everything and most definitely calls for a tucked in shirt .

How about you?  Do you love colour and pattern when it comes to fashion, or do you tend to stick to more neutral pieces?  Which belt and/or bracelet would you choose?


*this post was kindly sponsored by BRAVE Leather.  However, all opinions are completely my own


  1. I love everything that Brave Leather has to offer, which makes it even harder to choose what to buy first! With fall approaching, I'm leaning towards a leather bracelet or one of their gorgeous totes.


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