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Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Monday!

Though this week's temps are going to be quite high, last week we had a few days when you could feel fall creeping in.  I adore fall, but I'm not ready just yet.  I can't believe that in a weeks time, the kids will be back to school.  I have mixed feelings about it.  I know that summer can't last forever, but boy am I ever going to miss their company.

I'm prepping for back to school by writing a list of things to do around the house.  On that list is to fix the living room.  I have to admit that the piano may have been a mistake, truth.  Even though I measured the space and we love it,  it seems to have taken up a little more room that I had envisioned.  The room no longer has an airy feeling and I haven't loved it for a while now.

I started by moving the couch back to where it used to be, in front of the window.  I think that that really helped.  I also took away one of our side tables (which I plan to replace anyhow) and put the gold stool there for the time being, but it seems to really work there.  I took away some decorative pieces that were on top of the piano which also helped.

I found some lovely ginger jar lamps, which I plan on purchasing to try out in this room.  But first, I need to find some side tables and I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for.  Something light and airy.  I'm considering shifting the mirror towards the dining room, that way, we can move everything down a bit, which will help make the room feel airier as well.  There is enough space between the living room and dining room to do this.

Next up will be the dining room.  I'd love to add some fabric wing back chairs (like this or this or this) to the head of the table and to replace the parson chairs with something a little fancier.

All of these plans are tell-tale signs that fall most definitely is near, as I usually don't pick apart the house during the summer months.  But!  There's still one more week of summer vacation left and we plan on making the most of it!  Stay tuned for updates later in the month!



  1. No no no, that piano was NOT a mistake! I love it! It's so beautiful with its mid-century tapered legs and brass touches. At least from photos, it seems to work well in the room. I'm sure once you're finished making all your changes, it will flow much better and feel airier. Love the changes so far!


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