Decorating With Pillows From Tonic Living!

Monday, June 29, 2015

I'm a pillow lover, it's true.  Our basement makeover is coming along nicely, but my excitement level shot through the roof with the arrival of these stunning Tonic Living pillows!  Jumping.through.the.roof.  To me, pillows are not only comfortable (I love surrounding myself with them when I'm sitting on the couch) but they are such a great way to add personality, texture, layering and colour to your space.

I've been a loooooong time fan and customer of Tonic Living.  They are my go-to for fabric, home decor inspiration and they have been consistently upping their game in the past years.  With steady features in home design magazines and with several collaborations with talented bloggers under their belt, Tonic Living has made their mark on the interior decor world.

We basically started with a clean slate in the basement.  One thing that I absolutely love about this space is that the window is at the back, so you can see our gardens.  The weeping jade tree aka our wedding tree always seems to catch my eye.  It boasts beautiful arching branches that have stunning white and pink flowers in the spring.  It was the perfect jumping off point for the colour scheme.

I spotted Sonnet in Spring and needed it to be a part of this project.  I decided to pair it with a long time favourite, Monarch Trellis in Meadow (I have been dying to use this fabric for a while now).  Since this is a family space (aka the boys will be here too), I needed to tone down the florals.  The Links fabric in Indigo and this cozy Indigo Velvet were the perfect finishing touch.  Before placing the order, I ordered some fabric swatches just to make sure!  (Thank you Tonic Living for labelling them!)

I debated going with different sizes, but in the end 20x20 always seems to work so well for me.  Since the sectional is a good size, I wanted to cover as much space as possible.

Now, I'm a huge fan of details and you can tell that Tonic Living is too.  Just check out the seams, matched to per-fection!  

Right?!  The zippers were meticulously sewn in (this isn't easy!) and the lines are beyond straight.  I absolutely adore the fact that you not only have a slew of fabrics to choose from, but that you can also select the insert that's right for you.  These pillows have faux down inserts.  A great alternative to feather inserts for those with allergies, who still want the look.

I look forward to sharing a post with you on how to mix and match patterns when choosing pillows!  Stay tuned!


Tonic Living kindly provided the pillows for this project.  Please note that this didn't influence this post in any which way, all opinions are my own.  I am a huge fan of Tonic Living and have been for years.  It's an absolute pleasure to be working with them.


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