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Friday, May 29, 2015

It's Friiiiiday!

As you know, I have a love for vintage and thrifted pieces!  I'm over at sharing a few tips on how to decorate with them!  Click the link below the pic to see the post!

how to decorate with vintage items
Everything you need to know when it comes to incorporating vintage pieces and thrift store finds into your home decor.

In other news, Kiddo 1's room is coming along nicely.  I recently made it to IKEA and picked up the majority of the pieces that we needed for his room.  The shelves are in place (there is one on either side of his desk).  We swapped out the glass shelves for wooden ones and stained them espresso.  In this pic you can see his very first baseball glove, which we will place in the display case.  Oh my heart!  New lamp and the mirror will replace the posters.  Exciting!

With that, I'm so looking forward to the weekend.  I turned my alarm clock off and accidentally slept an extra 30 mins not once but twice this week!  Oy.

Here's this week's links:
Have a fabulous weekend!



  1. These were great links Julie. My favourites were the garage studio makeover and the gardening bench. Have a great weekend.

  2. Congrats on working with Domino! I love how your home feels timeless with all your vintage pieces! So homey and inviting!


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