Our Spring Garden

Monday, May 11, 2015

I absolutely love this time of year not only because of the warmer temps and the fact that we can enjoy the outdoors without freezing, but because I love watching our gardens come back to life.  I love gardening and I love walking around our yard with a cup of coffee (or glass of wine in the evening) in hand to check in on each plant.  Truly one of my favourite things to do.

I have a few favourite plants, and each year, I am thrilled to see them spring back to life.   Hydrangeas, salvia, astilbe, irises, weigela, peonies and weeping trees are among my favourites.

Grasses of all sorts, evergreens and phlox are high on my list of favourites as well.  It's wonderful watching everything grow and to see the yard filled with texture and colour again!

I love to place wave petunias in our planters which are at the front of the house and on our back deck.

Last year, we planted a weeping jade crabapple for a special reason.  Our wedding rehearsal party was held in hub's parents' backyard.  Their weeping jade crabapple was in full bloom for the party and it was just lovely!  Every time we see it bloom, it reminds us of our wedding, so we decided to plant one in our own yard and sure enough, it's getting set to bloom right on time!

I will have to do a follow up post with pictures of the plants in full bloom!

Do you love to garden?  What are your favourite plants/flowers?


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