Remember Why You Started.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A year ago, I sat at the peninsula in our kitchen and decided that I was going to go for it.  I was going to achieve my dream of becoming an Interior Decorator.   I studied, I pushed myself, I worked hard.   Then other opportunities came up (amazing ones) that made me super happy, so I thought, perhaps Interior Decorating wasn't the answer and that blogging was.  It would be the best of both worlds!  So I blogged about interior decorating, fashion, entertaining.  I loved it!  And truthfully, I still love it!

But here I am, and I've been thinking/sitting on this for a while now......the dream of being an Interior Decorator is still strong.  Every now and then it hits me really hard, but then the feeling goes away and I continue on.  This time, I just.can'  So what I'm left with, is figuring out the puzzle, I suppose.  I love blogging, I truly do, so I don't want to quit it, at all and what I know for sure is that I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for blogging!  Blogging has opened doors for me and so many opportunities have come from blogging.  But I want a little more interior decorating in my life and so my goal is to figure out the best way to combine the two, that makes me feel fulfilled.

There are a few rooms in our house that need some jazzing up.  It's time to get back on track. I'm going to get to working on them and of course, to share them with you.   But I also need a plan, otherwise, I will find myself sitting here, in the same spot in a years time, typing about the same thing.  Sometimes it really helps to put your dreams out there, then you're held somewhat accountable, right?! lol

So in a blog post, that explains the absence.  I had said earlier this year that by doing less, I will be accomplishing more.  As a blogger, you are often approached with several amazing opportunities and it can be so hard to say no.  But sometimes, saying yes, is in fact so far from the right answer.

I want to inspire you when it comes to decorating your home and I also want to inspire you when it comes to fashion.   That's what Elliven Studio is all about.  I just need to stay focused and remember why I started.

Have a lovely day, friends!



  1. I like what you said about how so many opportunities come your way via blogging but sometimes saying yes is not the right answer! I have learned that..and am feeling good with where my blog is (or lack of blogging) but I feel I want to share what is authentic and real, what is me. I have also thought about interior design but after working as an assistant to one, I can not stand the business aspect of it and the counselling aspect, you feel like a family counsellor when dealing with families and design decisions. So I am happy being a kindergarten teacher and dreaming design at night! Good luck Julie, don't give up on your dreams. One day when your kids start leaning the house you will be happy you created something for you!

  2. Go for it, Julie! Become an Interior Decorator! You have excellent decorating instincts. :)

  3. Are we the same person right now!?! Oh man, Julie... I feel you. Like 100% all the way. I've considered going back to school for interior decorating, then I question if that's the right move. To think I almost went to college for ID over 10 years ago and instead chose a university degree in Art History because it seemed more prestigious... So silly. I don't regret what I learned, I just feel like I still have so much more to go! So hey, I'll be here rooting for you because I just know you can do this and I also know that you will!!!!! xo

  4. If not now, then when? Right? You're hugely talented Julie and I've enjoyed watching your style and 'eye' sharpen over the last few years. I know you'd be an amazing Interior Decorator!

  5. You are so brave for not only writing out your dreams but sharing them here!! I agree whole heartedly. I honestly have gotten better at saying no more than yes with my blog and I can promise you that it has it's purpose. Blogging exposes designers and those of us starting in interior decorating to new faces and get our names out there but some opportunities that are offered up to bloggers 'cheapen' that (for lack of a better word lol) so it was hard for me to switch over from thinking about today's blog income to tomorrow's business/brand/integrity with potential clients. Pretty soon THE opportunity will pop up and you will be so happy you stayed true to your dream and yourself. Sorry for the ramble lol xoxo


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