Then There Was......A Piano.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Isn't she beautiful?!  I mean, her brass detailing is enough to make you want to love her, no?  I found her on Kijiji and you guys, she was free!  Well, truth is we ended up having to pay to move her (she was a tad heavy) but the move took only 1hr so it didn't cost too much.  Winning!

So yes, we have a piano.  She sits ever so beautifully in the living room, filling the space that has been bothering me for nearly 2 years.  So the living room re-jig continues and is nearly done, really just some styling left to do!

Also in the works, a beautiful spring tablescape (this combo is making my heart flutter...loooove it!) and I'm also searching for new hardware to place on the dressers in the family room.  Leaning towards the ring pulls, a touch of warmth and a touch of class.  Done and done.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!



  1. It's gorgeous! I loved!
    Someday I'll have a piano too, it's a dream.
    Great blog Julie, I know you from Instagram.

  2. That piano is beautiful! I just love it's midcentury modern lines/vibe - one day when I have more space, I'd love to find a gorgeous piece like this! xo,D


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