How Did I Miss That & A Fabulous Book by Erin Gates

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

So the Golden Globes were this past weekend and like many, I totally enjoyed watching the red carpet arrivals and laughed my butt off at everything that Tina and Amy said.  The next day again, like many, I read people's recaps and that's when it happened.  I spotted this picture of Gwyneth Paltrow prepping to leave for the award show.  She looked ever so lovely but what really caught my attention was her house!  My goodness!  That settee, those floors, the width of the entryway.  I.could.go.on.  So of course I then took the time to find out and see more of the house and that's when I discovered that the house was not only featured FOUR YEARS AGO but that I've pinned many of the rooms on Pinterest!  Facepalm.

Though there are a few rooms that I could do without, I am over the moon in love with all of the spaces designed by Windsor Smith.  The entry, family room and kitchen (seen below).  I don't only love the design, but I love how she imagined the room to be used by the future owners.


Also, I finally ordered Erin Gates' inspiring book, Elements of Style.

I know, what took so long, right?!  Have you picked up a copy?  I knew that she was a talent and a half and I knew that I loved her style of writing, but I didn't realize just how much I would love this book!  It had me laughing out loud, made me think and brought on a few "a-ha" moments.  Her honesty is so appreciated and the spaces she designed, so gorgeous.  I loved hearing her stories about living through a reno, her lessons learned (some the hard way) over the years and the chance to see things as she sees them.  And the fact that she dreamt of being a grocery store cashier when she was a kid, something that I also dreamt of (it's the buttons on the cash register, there's just something about them!), I mean honestly, she's too cool for school!

I really enjoyed the book and if you read the comments on my Instagram photo (seen above) I'm not the only one!  I read the book front to back in one sitting.  Now that's love!

I hope you're having a fab week so far and that you're staying warm.  It's cold out there!



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