Look Ma, No More Training Wheels & Baseball Wrap Up!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The other week I wrote about the fantastic photography app, Baby Moments.  Incase you missed it, Baby Moments is an app that Canon Canada and photographer Stephanie Robin created to help parents capture the wonderful milestones in their children's first year.  I adore everything about the app.  It's a brilliant source of inspiration and it encourages you to move past the automatic setting on your camera!

After taking a peek at the app, I realized that I too could benefit from the photos highlighted even though my kids are well over the age of 1.  You're really being taught how to use the camera in various situations that apply to so many different scenarios!

I used the steps from the "Supported Standing" to take baseball photos of kiddo two, whose team came in first place this season!  Definitely a moment to be remembered.

For this shoot I used my Canon Rebel SL1 with a 40mm lens and as suggested in the Baby Moments app, I selected the portrait setting, which as you'll see, perfectly blurs the background.

You guys, I am SO happy with how they turned out!

These photos put such a big smile on my face!  Next year, I will do the same shoot, but with all three kids together for a group photo, an option that isn't available when their team photos are taken since all three kids are on different teams.   It's so reassuring to know that we have the ability to take high quality photos with such ease!

Then it was little J's turn.  You see, this year was a pretty big year for him because he ditched his training wheels!  Yay for finally being able to keep up with his older brothers!  This is when the "Walking Outside" photo came to mind!

The app suggests using the sports mode and having your little one walk towards you.  I thought we could totally use these steps to capture little J on his big bike sans training wheels!  Have you used the sports mode setting before?  For some reason I always shied away from it and wouldn't have ever thought to use it as suggested on the app!  Brilliant!  The rate at which the camera captures photos is absolutely unreal!

Little J's smile says it all!

I love how the camera not only captured little J's awesome bike riding skills, but that it also captured the gorgeous pink sky behind him!

I can't say enough about this camera.  I'm constantly amazed by how easy the SL1 is to use and by how unbelievably well it captures photos.  I am looking forward to trying the seasonal theme photos found in the Baby Moments app next month when the tree is up!

Also!  There is still time to enter the giveaway for a Canon Selphy CP910 printer!

So amazing!  Just hop on over to this post and leave a comment telling me which photo you love the most from the Baby Moments app!  Contest is open to Canadian and US residents and closes tomorrow, November 19th!

You can find the Baby Moments app here and be sure to take a peek at the Canon Canada Pinterest & Facebook page for more photography inspiration!

This post was created in partnership with Canon, however all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any which way.

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