Giveaway Reminder and Keeping Warm

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Have you had a chance to check out the amazing Canon giveaway?!  You won't want to miss it!  It's super easy to enter and the prize is simply amazing.  You can find the post here.

It's unreal how it seems as though with a snap of the finger, winter is right around the corner.  This has honestly been the quickest year of my life!

 Last week Old Navy had an incredible sale.  I've been wanting a long toggle jacket for a few years now, but I couldn't ever bite the bullet.  Then I saw this one and well, at $59 I had to give it a try!

We are prepping for the upcoming winter season, getting the mitts and toques out, making sure we have matching pairs (just like socks, we seem to always lose one mitten).  Finding the kids boots and jackets, ensuring that they fit.

We added some Buck and Cook Buckdanas to our inventory this year.  Have you seen them?  Such a brilliant idea!  The kids think that they are super cool and I love that we aren't arguing over the fact that they need to cover up their faces to keep warm.  Sold!

Have you started to decorate for the holidays?  I slowly started putting things out at the beginning of this week, and well, now I can't stop!  Hello gold & glitter candles (from HomeSense)....

 Gold sequin reindeer.....

And Nutcrackers.

Do you ever send hand written thank you notes?  Or handwritten letters to say "hello"?  I very rarely do, but want to get back to sending some snail mail.  There's just something about it that puts a smile on my face.  Must do this more often.

Stationery set by Sarah Richardson - available at select Hallmark Stores

Have a lovely Thursday!



  1. I love that jacket from old navy! They are just the best for pieces that are not only super cute but totally affordable too! And I have been "told" that I'm not allowed to decorate until december 1 but I have a feeling I won't be able to wait that long!! XO, D

  2. You have such a beautiful living room. All that natural light streaming in makes it look so serene.

    Have a nice weekend! xo


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