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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The long weekend is now behind us and we are ready for a short week, which always seems to feel super long, no?

Yesterday was a tad bit gloomy weather wise, but the temps were quite lovely.  The kids played soccer in the backyard and for the first time ever, I did this:

This was a total "why haven't I ever done this before" situtation.  I haven't sat in our adirondack chairs in a while because I don't like the chipped paint.  But this moment was just calling my name.

I think it's time to tackle repainting our adirondack chairs (red again) because they are probably the most comfortable seats evaaaaaa.

Also, my Hunter boots are officially past their prime.  As if the "blooming" wasn't bad enough (which by the way I could not get rid of, not matter how hard I tried and I tried every trick), they are now cracked.  Time to shop for another pair....the great debate, which colour?!  Leaning towards black again, but the traditional green is quite tempting as well.

Happy Tuesday!


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