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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hey friends and hey September! Say what?! Oh man, this summer flew by didn't it?

Sorry for going MIA.  Last week was a doozy, and I needed the time away.  Thankfully things are getting back on track and there's quite a bit to look forward to this month.  Including, BlogPodium!  Goodness, I can hardly believe that it's next weekend!  More on that later.  Are you going?

For today, a little recap of what's been happening here!

summer fashion on repeat. Gap tee, and American Eagle shorts, always.

working isn't so bad when you have a hot cup of coffee and homemade apple crisp!

hoping for at least one more beach day so that I can wear my new Triangl swimsuit!

quiet time in this room will never get old. well.......

now that we have a small pond in our backyard, living room moments may now become backyard, sitting by the pond moments. I love love love the sound of the water falling down the rocks.

Thanks for putting up with my infrequent and all over the place posts this month, friends.  Getting back on track in September.  Exciting stuff!

How was your Labour Day weekend?  Did you shop?  Go to the cottage?  Hang out with family & friends?



  1. Eeeek, so jealous that you're going to BlogPodium! You'll have to fill us all in and let us know how fabulous it is - maybe we'll see you there next year! Xo, Sarah

  2. Can't wait to see you at BlogPodium!! Hope September is treating you well so far :) xo

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