Canadian Living October Cover Recipe: Lemon and Thyme Roast Turkey with White Wine Gravy

Friday, September 26, 2014

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, what better time to share a turkey recipe .  If you're wanting to try a new recipe for roasting your turkey, or if you've never attempted to cook your own, this Lemon and Thyme Roast Turkey with White Wine Gravy recipe is hands down a must try!

When we first moved out, one of the things I looked forward to the most was hosting a holiday dinner, with a roasted turkey being the main course.   Well, we did and it was a complete and I mean complete fail!  Oh goodness.  So I totally get the pressure that comes with hosting a holiday dinner with a turkey being the highlight and the struggle to find the perfect recipe!

Rest assured that this recipe is not only easy to follow, requiring few steps, but it was so unbelievably delicious!  My eldest son said, and I quote "Mum, I don't know what you did differently, but whatever it was, you nailed it".  The steps were close to those that I normally follow when cooking a turkey, but the subtle changes that I made to follow this recipe made an unbelievable difference in a fantastic way!

After rinsing the turkey, you add some thyme and garlic into the cavity.  Be sure to go with fresh thyme!

You then combined some softened butter, thyme, lemon zest, salt and pepper to create a mixture which you rub onto the turkey.  Messy, yes, but well worth the mess.  So get your hands dirty!

That's the prep!  That'

Cook the turkey at a low temp 325F (160C).  After the turkey is in the oven, there isn't much left to do other than baste it every 45mins and wait! (I did have to add some extra chicken stock to the bottom of my pan to keep the juices from burning).

This is the perfect time to throw some stuffing together, which I always cook in my slow cooker.  I put it on high for a few hours, and then turn the temperature down to low for the last little bit.

A few hours later and you have this glorious and absolutely delicious result:

Now, the turkey needs to sit for about 30 mins.  This is gives you time to make your gravy.....from scratch!  If you're anything like me, you tuck a few pre-made gravy mixes away as a precautionary measure.  I always worry that I'm going to mess up the gravy, and what's a turkey dinner without gravy?!

You'll love this white wine gravy recipe, honestly!  Be sure to get all of those delicious bits that are left at the bottom of your pan, because they hold a slew of flavour and you want them in your gravy.

For us, a delicious turkey is a staple for most holiday dinners.  We love it, we look forward to it and it's a tradition that we plan on keeping.  I have to admit that I won't be going back to my old turkey recipe, this one is 100% a keeper and will be my go to from now on.

You can find the recipe here, on the Canadian Living website.  If you give it a try (I highly recommend that you do!) please be sure to let me know what you think!


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  1. Oh YUM. It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner! This looks delish! XO, sarah

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