Canadian Bloggers Home Tour!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hey friends!

I'm super excited about today's post for a number of reasons!

A few weeks ago, Christina from The DIY Mommy and Shannon from AKA Design contacted me to ask if I would like to participate in their first ever Canadian Bloggers Home Tour, which I gladly accepted.  So what you have is a group of Canadian Bloggers who have opened up their homes for you to view!  There will be tours throughout this entire week, each day will feature a group of different bloggers, today is my day! (you can find a list of the bloggers participating at the end of this post)

Now I'm even more excited because today, I'm not only sharing a tour, but I'm also revealing our family room, which I just recently finished!  Giddy up!  There are a few pieces missing, but it's 99.9% done. Phew!

Here you go:

still searching for the perfect piece to place above the fireplace. stay tuned!

Living Room:

Dining Room:


Master Bedroom:

Kids Bath/Upstairs Hallway:

My Workspace/Reading Nook:

Here's a list of the rest of the participants!  Be sure to check them out!



  1. Your home is gorgeous Julie!! Love all the little details throughout :) And all your art is fab!! xo

  2. Julie!! Your home is beautiful! It feels so serene and peaceful. Love the beach photos in the family room :)

  3. Your place is awesome, but your artwork steals the show! How stunning!

  4. Everything looks beautiful...thank you for taking us on a tour of your home..xo

  5. What a beautiful home! I love how you've mixed some traditional with modern throughout your home, just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! ~Kerri, A Pop of Pretty

  6. Wow! I love your home, Julie. Your family room looks awesome! The art around the TV and dressers by the fireplace are perfect. Your living room is my favourite - love those RH chairs. Thanks for touring your beautiful home!

  7. What a stunning home you have!! So clean lined and gorgeous mix of old and new, neutrals with hits of pattern. Beautiful!! So fun to be on this tour with you- sharing this and following you!

  8. Your home is stunning. So clean and beautiful. So fun being on this tour with you!

  9. Love the peaceful feel that your home has! And your photography is amazing!

  10. Love taking your beautiful home tour, Julie! So airy & fresh - also you have the best taste in art!

    XX jana

  11. Gorgeous spaces. So fresh and airy! Glad to be here for first time :)

  12. A beautiful and well curated home. I admire your use of art work and your carefully arranged vignettes; that's an art form in itself.

  13. Beautiful! I love how you incorporate various wood tones in each room!

  14. Such a beautiful home! Well done!I'm inlove with you living room

  15. You have such a beautiful home Julie! I follow you on Instagram and I love all of your pictures! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  16. Julie, you have such a beautiful home, this home tour must be a very proud moment for you. It's always lovely to see snippets of your home on Instagram, but how nice to have a complete tour around it here on your blog. Great photos, did you take them yourself?

  17. Julie it looks fabulous! It's so welcoming and cozy! Great work!

  18. Hi Julie,
    Your home is lovely! Seriously, I am so impressed by how you coordinate pieces and create masterpieces. I follow you on instagram, it would be awesome to have you follow me back @amberShann0n. I love the pictures you upload and you are super pretty! Your blog is added on my list of places to "visit."
    Her & Hair

  19. So, so beautiful Julie - you have amazing taste. Can't wait to see you in Sept!

  20. Love your home! Discovered you through 6th Street Design and am dying to know what paint color that is in your Master Bath?!

  21. As always, I love everything you do in your home. It is so bright and inviting and the textures and gorgeous art you have everywhere are beautiful!!!!

    Thanks for sharing and always inspiring!

  22. Just popped over from 6th Street and I love your home. Absolutely stunning! Its hard to tell from the photos but is every room the same grey? The only Paint color I could find that you mentioned is Behr Silver Drop for a bathroom. I would love to know your colors.

  23. Love your home and style Julie! Do you mind if I ask where the elaborate white frame (in the laundry room) and bedside table is from? They are great! :)

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