Main Floor Hallway Update! Hint: Urban Walls!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

You guys, I'm so unbelievably happy to have finally found something to put on a wall in our main floor hallway that I've tried and tried and tried to fill.

Enter: Urban Walls.  First off, I adore Danielle, who is the founder of this fantastic vinyl wall decal shop based out of Vancouver.  This fun and beautiful mama is helping us add character and personality to our homes with ease!

I'm a huge fan of quotes.  Always finding strength from reading them and am completely inspired by the power of positive words.  So needless to say, when I saw the House Rules decal I threw it into my online cart.  I love that it makes our house feel more like a home and totally feel like it was meant for this wall.

I ended up needing hubs help to put the decal up on the wall.  After taping it in place, hubs slowly removed the backing while I pressed the decal onto the wall by gliding a meter stick along the entire piece.

After that, I used a credit card to rub each letter onto the wall.  I ended up going over each letter a few times and in different directions to ensure that it adhered to the wall properly.

After we removed the top sheet, we got this:

I can't even begin to tell you just how much I love it.  The best part is how much the kids love it too!  Kiddo 2 is always reading them out loud and each time he gets a kick out of the last rule.  That will probably be the only one that he remembers, ha!

I decided to go with white because I wanted it to blend in, mission accomplished!  You can find the decal here.

I love that we've got some momentum going after a few months of not getting much done around the house.  My next job is tackling the gallery wall up the staircase.  I have five IKEA Virserum frames that I want to fill with family photos, of course, I shall share the results with you once they are all up!



  1. Some very good words to live by. I love Urbanwalls! Such a good pair behind the company:)

  2. I've seen these around on canvases but I LOVE this version. The white text looks great with your photo wall.

    xo, Kali


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