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Monday, July 7, 2014

I can totally remember the first time I spotted a feature on Shea McGee.  It was one of those moments when you immediately think to yourself that you need to see more of this person's work...clicking over to their instagram and blog.  Let me tell you that the good, just kept getting better!

Shea is the beautiful Principal Designer of Shea McGee Design.  You guys, this girl is a talent and a half!  She and her husband transformed their first home into an unbelievably gorgeous retreat.  Bright, airy and just breathtaking.

Her design aesthetic is clean, pretty and well, just spot on.  She takes risks and makes bold statements but in a subtle way, which is just so impressive.  I absolutely loooooooove their living room. Oh goodness it's stunning!  That being said, every room in their home is downright perfect, wait until you see their daughter's nursery!

Being that she's a mum, her designs cleverly incorporate small hands and hiding those little toys in a brilliant way.  She can not only create a beautiful space, but a liveable one as well.

With recent features on Domaine, Apartment Therapy and Style Me Pretty Living, one can only assume that this mama is on the verge of one amazing career!

Please say hello to Shea!

First, please tell us a bit about yourself:
Where to begin? I am a mother, wife, interior designer and yoga lover. We currently live in Southern California where we have renovated our first house from a big beige box to become a much brighter, happier home.
I originally studied Public Relations in college and a few years after graduation realized that deep down what I really wanted to do was design! I started taking classes at a local college and my hobby quickly blossomed into a business. So much so, that in the past couple months, my husband and I have decided to take the leap and run the design business together. As you can imagine, this has been both awesome and challenging to work together from home with a 1 year old helping us regularly!

(insert store here) is having a close out sale, everything must go!  Without a doubt, you will sleep outside the store the night before to get first dibs when the doors open:

That’s easy! Liberty of London. I’d fly halfway around the world for that sale.  

Go to colour, or a colour that you just can't seem to shake:

Navy. Walls, textiles, accessories, I seriously can’t get enough of it!

Item, trend or piece that you're currently obsessed with:

I’m currently obsessing over patterned cement tiles. I am hoping to use them in our home or a client project very soon.

If you could tour any home from a tv show/movie , which would it be?

Cameron Diaz’s house in the movie, “The Holiday.” I make my husband watch it with me every year as I pause it to analyze every room! It is the perfect blend of modern and traditional.

Coffee table must/fav coffee table book:

I love Glamorous Rooms by Jan Showers because if you take the paper cover off, it is leopard print.

Coffee or tea:

Neither.  I love my Diet Coke.

Cupcake or donut:


Topknot or beach waves:

Beach waves. 

I promise, you will want to follow Shea on instagram!  The photos she shares are swoon worthy!  You can find her blog here.  I'm looking forward to watching this gal's career grow and grow, such exciting times!

Thanks so much for taking part, Shea!



  1. Yes I love love love her work!!! So happy when I found her on instagram! :)

  2. This was such a fun interview. I am so smitten with her style!
    Happy I have the night free to watch 'The Holiday' now, can you believe I've never seen it?

  3. I LOVE her style! Equal Parts elegant and casual with just the right amount of chic and sass.


    xo, K


  4. Any idea with she has her Interior Design Degree? Here in Canada you can't really call yourself a principal designer without the degree...just curious. Love Shea's work!


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