Pretty Friday: A Caitlin Wilson Kitchen via Rue

Friday, June 20, 2014

It's been quite some time since I last wrote a Pretty Friday post, so why not get back at it with a really good one, kay?

Caitlin Wilson is one talented lady.  Her textile's are simply amazing and her designs are beautiful. 

Rue Magazine recently shared some amazing photos of this kitchen by Caitlin.  I'm in complete awe, it's perfect!  You can see more photos here and you can also read about her design process in this House Beautiful feature.

Goodness, this cold really has been brutal.  I'm feeling much better but still have a lingering headache.  I finally went to see the doctor yesterday because two of the kids have sore throats and hubs now has it.  I wanted to make sure that it wasn't strep, which it isn't.  Phew.

Hopefully everyone will be feeling better after some rest this weekend.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!



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