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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It occured to me that it's been a loooong time since I last used my camera. Not the camera on my phone, but my Canon.  I had a bit of time yesterday to take it out and snap some pics from around the house.  Though I've been a little inconsistent on the blogging front, the house has seen a few up dates here and there.

First up, I finally and I mean finally got around to having the beautiful Degas Dancers canvas print from Anewall stretched.  After leaving it up in a few different spots, I decided it needed to stay in the upstairs hallway, it was meant for that space.  I'm in love:

I'm a pillow hoarder, I admit it. I have a problem.  I have a stash of pillows in the closet in our spare bedroom, not just pillows but pillow covers (cough and vases). Seriously, problem.  Anyhow, I spotted these gorgeous quilted pillows at HomeSense and nabbed them, two for $30, such a steal.  They were the missing piece to the chairs that need a bit of texture, bingo:

Speaking of the family room, it's now on my radar since I feel as though the living room is pretty much done.  I'm thinking of ordering these dressers from Ikea to place on either side of the fireplace after seeing them in Jessica Waks' home tour (she did an amazing job diy'ing them.  You can read how she made it happen here). I just need to make sure that they are the right size and depth.

And speaking of pillows,  HomeSense to the rescue yet again!  The zipper on one of the gold pillow covers that was on the chairs in the living room broke beyond repair so they were sitting empty for quite some time.  Replacement found:

A new favourite piece on the sidetable in the living room:

And I think I can safely say that my workspace is pretty much done thanks to the addition of some art pieces and this new cubed shelf from Home Depot.  The Ikea unit was too deep, this one fits the space perfectly:

The wind blew most of the pins I had on my inspiration board last week, so I took some time to refresh it a little:

I have more snippets to share and more updates coming too!  Time seems to be passing at warp speed lately now that the boys are playing baseball.  We've gone from one extreme to the next.  Nothing to do in the evenings to being at the baseball field almost every evening.  It's fun, but crazy busy.


Degas Dancers c/o Anewall
Bonjour print c/o SS Print Shop


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