Lounging In The Backyard & A Twitter Party!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I've got my eyes set on a few different outdoor love-seats and couches for our new deck.  Gosh, just the idea of having one makes me happy.

I know I want neutral, I know I want comfy and I know I want the frame to have some type of weave.  For a while I was really wanting the fabric to be black and white stripes and I still love that idea but I'm not running with it.

I spotted the Northshore Collection at Home Depot and love it, it is gorgeous.  It pretty much meets the criteria to a T. I especially love the couch:

(ps also loving the hedge and the windows in the background)

Then there's the chaise.  I've never really been one to love outdoor chaises, no clue why, but I always feel awkward sitting/lying on them if I'm not on the beach!  But then I realized that having one would actually be pretty useful.  You could lounge on it, but you could also use it as a bench for guests to sit on or you could even use it as a coffee table.  Multifunction is always good!

See what I mean?  I think both would work perfectly and would go so well with our adirondack chairs that will definitely be staying.  Thoughts?

Speaking of outdoor spaces, I'm pretty excited to invite you all to Spring Twitter Party!  Yes!  If you haven't ever taken part in a twitter party, they are super fun!

Style at Home is partnering up with Home Depot to talk all about outdoor spaces!  You'll have a chance to chat with Style at Home editors & experts who will be tweeting about the latest trends in outdoor living!  It's honestly so much fun, the hour goes by so quickly!

I will be joining in (and am really looking forward to being inspired as we gather ideas for our own backyard oasis) and I hope you will too!  Be sure to use the hashtag #chatwithstyleHD so that we can follow your tweets!  It's all going down on Wednesday, May 14th from 12pm-1pm EST.  Please join in!



  1. Added it to my calendar...'tweet' you then!

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