Inspiration: How To Create Your Very Own Urban Backyard Oasis

Monday, May 5, 2014

With the planning and plotting of operation backyard oasis, I can't help but to have backyard spaces on my mind.

So when I saw this amazing transformation of a backyard by HomeSense, my jaw pretty much dropped.  I mean, it's no secret that it costs quite a bit to build any type of structure or addition to your outdoor space, so if you can save money when it comes to furniture, accessories and decor, by all means, do it!  (this my friends is why I love HomeSense so much. You may be paying less, but you're not getting less).

With a little planning, you can easily have the outdoor space of your dreams.  Perfectly chosen colourways, patterns and textures bring this backyard to another level.

Outdoor dinnerware has come a long way.  You can easily mistake it for your everyday pieces (fantastic option for those with young children btw, use it indoors, everyday, I promise not to tell anyone).

The addition of a lower deck in our yard, which will provide us with a space to dedicate towards relaxing is probably what's got me most excited.  Cozying up with a cup of coffee and the newspaper in the morning or a glass of wine and an amazing read in the evening is something that I've dreamt of being able to do for years.  I love our patio set, but there's something to be said about an outdoor couch and coffee table, or a beautiful, perfectly placed bench.  I definitely need a gorgeous stool like this one:

I just love everything that HomeSense has done with this lookbook.  It's relatable, achievable and inspiring.

You can view more here.



  1. It's a beautiful space! The gorgeous sunshine that is out today has me thinking of summer as well.

  2. Outdoor spaces have been consuming my mind as well! I can't wait until the weather lets me work on ours :) Great inspiration!

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