Moody Florals

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Floral fabrics and art are definitely coming back and strong.  I'm, of course, on board.

Last week I went back to the antique store looking for a couple of pieces that we need for the family room (more about the family room to come later in the week).  Though they didn't have what I went for, what I did spot was a breathtaking floral painting in the most exquisite gold frame.  I desperately wanted to take it home, but alas, there is a budget and I need the other items before this, plus, I already have quite a few floral prints in the house (that doesn't matter though, does it?!).

My word, it's so hard to leave great pieces behind even when you don't have an immediate use/spot for them.

Here's the gorgeousness:

The frame, the dark background, the pinks & blues, it's just lovely.

Are you all for moody florals?



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